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Brews, Booze and Running.

Hello and happy Monday! On a scale of 1 to 10, how ready are you for another work week? I don’t think I am even registering on the scale today. My pattern of crappy sleep returned this weekend, thus making waking up this Monday morning ultra difficult. Let’s hope my sleep schedule regulates itself by tonight, because I 100% do not want to deal with being exhausted all week! Waking up at 4 am and watching International House Hunters aside, let’s recap this weekend, shall we?

  • Friday

Grapevine Brewery

Friday night Jake and I ventured to the opening of Grapevine Brewery in downtown Grapevine! The place was wall to wall with people, but while it was crazy crowded, the general vibe of the evening seemed to be chill and fun. On tap for the evening was Lakefire (rye pale ale), Monarch (American wheat), Sir Williams (English brown ale), and Night Watch (oatmeal stout), as well as few other seasonal selections, but I couldn’t quite catch the names from where we were standing (sorry!). I opted for Lakefire, while Jake tried out the Monarch.


Both were great, and Jake and I decided we will definitely be back for more! We’ ll probably wait a week or two for the crowds to simmer so we can really enjoy the place. Thankfully due to it’s location we could easily pop in and hang out after a dinner on Main Street, so I foresee a lot of beer in my future this summer…

  • Saturday

Saturday morning my Dad and I ran the Sweat for Sangria Foodie 5k in Southlake, and it was so much fun! It was hosted by Social Running, a casual group of runners in the DFW area, and they were super friendly and put on a really organized and fun run for us all! The run started in Southlake Town Center, through a nearby neighborhood, and ended at Campania Pizza, where at the finish we were treated to sangria, pizza and caesar salads! I opted for just a glass on sangria, and it proved to be the best post race treat of all time.


After getting mildly day drunk and cleaning up, we headed up to my grandparent’s place to help with some yard work. Oh, and be “we”, I mean my Dad and Jake, and I played with the dogs the whole time. Once we were home I immediately got started on another Blue Apron meal! Saturday’s course included cornmeal crusted catfish, cucumber tomato salad, and remoulade creamy potatoes!

finished dinner

Excuse the fine china I used, but everything was delicious! I am becoming quite the fan of this Blue Apron service, let me tell ya. I’m hoping to make the remainder of the meals tonight and tomorrow, so be on the lookout for those!

  • Sunday

Sunday morning my Dad ran the Too Hot to Handle 5k in Dallas, but I’m an idiot and didn’t take any photos to document the event. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it happened! The race was quite literally Too Hot to Handle, as I found myself to basically be a wrung out dishrag by the end of the race. After heading home and cleaning up, I made my to the grocery store, and then to NTB for my idiot car to be checked out since the bulb light came on earlier that weekend. Turns out all bulbs are working just fine, it’s just my car who thought it would be fun to go in while I waited for over in hour in a waiting room with a TV set to the all consuming hell that is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Thanks car!!!

And that was my super 5k filled and ridiculous Saturday and Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend, and I shall catch you all tomorrow. Hopefully with another Blue Apron review!


Fried Chicken, Chris Carrabba, & America.

Hello and happy Monday! Man it is hard coming back to work after a three day weekend. I woke up this morning 100% not ready to start my day and I am already New Years Eve style counting down to Friday. I also slept terribly last night, which is strange because I stretched (stretching before I go to bed always helps me fall asleep and stay asleep) and drank my bed time tea, but I ended up tossing and turning all night. Let’s hope being extra tired today will keep me knocked out for tonight’s sleep! While I’m still awake though, let’s recap my Fourth of July weekend!

  • Friday

Shortly after posting my Friday Finds, I got to work on cooking up my first meal from Blue Apron! I opted for the Fried Chicken dinner, given that it was an ultra American holiday weekend, and it turned out great!
blue apron dinner editIt was paired with a kale-cabbage slaw, and mini biscuits! The meal proved to be very easy and fun to cook, and given that it was my first time cooking fried chicken, I was thankful that it went over smoothly! The meal took roughly about 35-40 minutes to prepare, and even after feeding three people, I still have some slaw leftover (largely due to the fact that Jake doesn’t eat anything green)!

After dinner, Jake had some work to do, so I took over Netflix duty, and much to his dismay I chose what may be the greatest documentary in the history of film, Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. As a life long BSB fan, this documentary was everything and more. Dancing! Singing! Adult men arguing about dancing and singing! And a lot of shade thrown at (and rightfully so) Lou Pearlman! I saw BSB in concert in 2011, and it was probably the most entertaining experience of my life, and I feel like that is saying a lot because I have seen Beyoncé live. I highly recommend this movie to any BSB fan, or really anyone who has an appreciation for 90’s boy bands. It was a DELIGHT.

  • Saturday

I started off my American celebration with a hot and humid 10k early in the morning. I’m telling you, it’s getting to the point where even 7 am is too late to run in the summer. It was puddle of sweat by the time I was finished, and it was only a little after 8. Barf. After cleaning up I took my puppy Hannah (she’s 9) to meet Jake’s puppy for the first time and go swim. Unfortunately it did not go over well, and I took my puppy home after about 15 minutes of the two just staring at each and being too nervous to do anything. Dogs meeting for the first time is literally no different than a middle school dance, I swear. After dropping off Hannah back home, Jake and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to the pool.

4th of july

As you can see here, I really know how to celebrate. I found that donut float at Target and it has proven to probably be the best investment I have ever made. After making a fool of myself and cleaning up, Jake and I headed to the highlight of the evening, Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind at The Southside Ballroom in Dallas! What I didn’t know was that Augustana was opening, so once they came on stage I was more than certain that I had actually gone back in time to 2007.


They were absolutely amazing live and now that I know that they are still around and have other songs besides “I THINK I’LL GO TO BAWWWWSTAWWWWN” I’ll definitely be listening to more of them, and while Augustana was amazing, I was mainly there to see my boyfriend #2 (sorry Jake), Chris Carrabba.


I saw Dashboard for the first time in 2011 as part of anniversary tour celebrating the release of Swiss Army Romance, and it was mind blowing. This go around was no different, but he definitely had a more excitable energy than when I saw him last. Also, you have not lived until you have screamed the lyrics to Hands Down with a room full of strangers.

Once Dashboard had completed their set, Jake and I were contemplated staying around to see Third Eye Blind given that we had already been standing for three hours at that point, and we really only know like four of their songs. We stayed for their first three songs, and then booked it out and headed home. I feel bad for not staying the whole time, but my feet were killing me. I’m sorry Stephan Jenkins, maybe another time!

Sunday was a lazy day, so I don’t have much to recap there, sorry! I hope you all had an awesome time celebrating the 4th of July! I’m going to go sleep forever now. See ya tomorrow!


Guacamole, Gross Beer, & Triple A.

Yawwwwwn.Happy Monday, party people. I am currently running on limited amounts of sleep, and everything looks and feels like a Saved By the Bell dream sequence (blurry pink borders. Zach Morris is my boyfriend etc). More on that later though. While I’m still awake, let’s recap this weekend!.

  • Friday


Friday night Jake and I ventured to Esparza’s for some Mexican food and drinks. I ate a whole plate of guacamole and it was great. Also, can we talk about how it looks like my margarita is radioactive in that photo? I’ll keep you posted if I end up developing any Alex Mack like symptoms.

  • Saturday


Saturday morning my dad and I ran the T.A.P. 5k in Dallas, and it was…meh. Here’s a brief rundown as to why I’m not necessarily raving about it:

  • 9 am start time. A 9 am start time during a Texas summer, is basically a 4 pm start time during anyone else’s summer. Basically, it’s already “fry an egg on the ground” kind of hot.
  • While I’m not a huge beer drinker to begin with, whatever I tried while I was there tasted as if they had run a litter box through a juicer.
  • Still mad about that start time!

I feel bad for complaining, given that the sponser, Run Project, normally puts on great races, and aside from the start time, the beer wasn’t their fault. If anything, my beer tasting palette is less than stellar, so that’s on me. But in the future, let’s start a summer race at 7:30 or 8 am next time, okay guys? Cool.


Saturday afternoon was spent in the pool, with the several unsuccessful attempts at getting Jake’s dog, Brinkleigh, to swim. Poor little girl will only dip her feet in the pool and then immediately jump out.Jake bought her a puppy life jacket last summer, but she is still not a fan of the water. I’d like to think that when we aren’t around she actually swims all the time and holds an Olympic record.

Later that night we watched Jurassic Park, which I haven’t seen in easily over 15 years. Good to know it is still extremely stressful, and that the little boy in the movie is still annoying as I remembered him to be. Now I’m just super hyped for Jurassic World! It comes out this week, but my family (+Jake) will be in California, so I probably won’t be able to see it next week. I just want to see Chris Pratt beat up a dinosaur (I’m assuming that this will happen?).

  • Sunday


Sunday was spent with the grandparents, and then another afternoon at the pool. All was normal until around 10 pm when I got a call from Jake saying that he was stranded on the side of the road. Apparently his car crapped out, so I came to the rescue and waited with him until AAA showed up (nearly an hour later…). My car is currently rocking the “check engine” light so I’m hoping I can get that resolved before I end up in a similar situation!

And that was my weekend in a nutshell! I’m gonna go the gym, get a head start on packing (leaving for California on Thursday), and then get to bed! Hope you all had a great weekend, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow!


Weekend Recap: I Saw A Rabbit and I’m Scared of J.K. Simmons

Hey party people. Are you psyched that it’s Monday? *crickets chirping and a faraway cough* Yeah, same here. I had an awesome weekend, and I’m sad that it’s over and I have to be adult and resume another work week.


  • Friday

North Texas got some Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton starring in Twister level storms Friday evening, so I spent the evening indoors and watched TV. So basically a typical Friday night for me.

  • Saturday

The only downside from this weekend was that the One Ale of a Trail race was canceled due to flooding on the course, and it was rescheduled for a weekend in June when I’ll be in California! Thankfully I have another trail race at the end of this month, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get my Altra’s dirty! I made up for my missed race with a nice run on Saturday morning.

Saturday Run

I was slightly derailed on a couple of occassions, once when I saw a bunny and reacted like a toddler, and then the second time when I assisted two women who were lost driving around looking for a nearby church. After my run, my dad and I went to check out our newly rennovated local gym, and it was AMAZING! To preface this, my family has been going to the Grapevine Rec Center since the late 90’s, so we were pretty emotionally invested in this rennovation (also because nothing else really happens in Grapevine). The new gym is equipped with a mini water park, lap pool, brand new machines, and so much more! Here’s a shot of the view of the water park from the ellipitcal I was using.

Rec Center

The little kids running around the pool seemed to be having a blast. Also, would it be weird if I held my 25th birthday in the water park? Yes? Ugh, okay.

After seeing the new sights and getting a small workout (since I had already run, I just did a mile on the ellipitcal and tried out a few of the new weight machines), I headed home to clean up and then spent the outside for Art in the Square in Southlake. There was a kids talent show going on, so I spent most of the time inside of the Gap so I could avoid Kidz Bop covers of Let it Go. Afterwards, Jake and I watched Whiplash and I’ll have to save my review for Friday Finds because it blew my mind and I still don’t have any words! I will say I am now terrified of J.K Simmons and I hope to never meet him in real life. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but his character didn’t make me feel like I needed a Xanax prescription, and I’m scared that if we ever met I would feel the need to pull out my flute from high school and play scales in front of him…while crying.

  • Sunday

Another spent with the Grandparents! I also finished the book I was reading, and then started watching Nightcrawler, but turned it off 45 minutes in because it was moving too slow, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s emaciated face was creeping me out. I was hoping it would be really intriguing and hold my attention, but I found myself either checking my phone or getting up to find a snack like twelve times before finally succumbing to the fact that this movie was not Whiplash and I was no longer interested in watching it. Oh well!


Big D Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you’re week is off to a good start, and didn’t begin with waking up at 4:00 am for no particular reason. Well, I did fall asleep at 8:30 pm the night before, so I guess that’s mostly my fault. My body doesn’t know how to take advantage of sleeping in, and just wakes me up at 7 hours and is like “Okay that’s enough.” It’s great. I could keep rambling about this, but how about we recap this weekend instead?

  • Friday

wine and beer

Friday night Jake and I went to Esparza’s for dinner, and there is no photographic evidence of this because I ate my tacos before anything could be done. Aside from amazing Mexican food, I love Esparza’s because they don’t mess around when it comes to margaritas. There is a margarita on the menu that goes for $125, which means it either made with solid gold, or contains secrets to  Al Capone’s vault. Who knows. I opted for the $8 margarita because I have bills to pay, but it was quite delicious and a great way to cap off my Friday. (We also capped off Friday again with a glass of wine and beer at Whole Foods later that night. It was necessary, okay?)

After dinner, Jake and I decided to walk around Main Street where we ran into Thomas the Tank Engine.


Apparently it was “Day Out with Thomas” and the toddlers were out in full force. I ended up seeing Thomas three more times over weekend (without trying), so I’m beginning to think is train is never going to leave and may or may not be stalking me. Thomas, unless you are the DART, I am not interested.

  • Saturday

My Saturday was pretty uneventful, but I enjoyed my day of almost zero errands. I woke up early to run a easy breezy 5.5 miles around the lake, and then headed out to pick up my race packet for the Big D Dallas Half Marathon. Afterwards I watched (and by watched, I mean slept through)  The Masters with Jake. I watched golf all weekend and I still don’t understand the point system. Thankfully Jordan Speith does, because he won.

  • Sunday/Race Day!

finish line

Sunday was race day and I started my day at 4:30 am with stretches and my old standby of peanut butter on toast, a banana, and my protein coffee. The race was held at Fair Park, and if you are familiar with the venue, you know that when you park you then proceed to walk what feels like a half marathon in itself to the gate. I wish I had left earlier because by the time I was inside the venue I only had about ten minutes to use the port-a-potty and then stretch. The race officially started at 7:30 am in the most Benny Hill fashion I have ever seen. The race was both a full marathon, and a half, and was not corralled and everyone went off at the same time…from different angles. The start line was parked about ten feet in front a seated area, so anyone who was not directly in front of the start, had to taper off into a huge lump of people on either side. It was a bit of a mess, but I crossed over the start at 7:32 so I guess it worked out.


Miles 1 through 6 ended up being very sweaty due to the crazy humidity, but I was welcomed with a light rain around mile 7 which was much appreciated. The course took us through a couple of neighborhoods, White Rock Lake, and several small parks. It wasn’t a very “visual” run in the sense that there wasn’t a lot to look at, but I did run next to a girl who had red hair and was dressed in a coral top and teal leggings, so I named her Ariel in my head. There was also a lot of men who smelt as if they had replaced their shower head with a spray can of Axe, so I spent a lot of time wandering what was wrong with them during the run.

The course description of this race had described the course as mostly flat. Well that mostly a lie. There were so many steep inclines that after the first three I decided it be best that I just walk up the hills so I wouldn’t waste all my energy trying to be the Little Engine That Could. Shout out to all the runners who I saw power through those hills. You have thighs of steel and I applaud you.

I ended up finishing at 2:48, which I am very proud of considering those dumb hills and the cloud of middle school boy cologne I had to waft through. At the finish line we were greeted with a cup of water and this medal


They didn’t have any post race snacks set up (or I didn’t see any at least), so Jake was sweet enough to buy me a turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks which I wolfed down almost immediately. In retrospect, maybe not the best thing to devour right after running, but if you are familiar with where Fair Park is located, your only options are either McDonalds, or something from a liquor store with bars on the windows. Dallas is great, y’all.

All in all, while this race was not ideal in terms of a hilly course, an unorganized start, and lackluster views, I found that I could actually enjoy my run. Maybe it was the zero distractions, or just a lucky day, but at no point did I really feel miserable, or ready for it to be over (okay that’s a lie, by mile 12 I was ready to get it over with). Out of nowhere I received my second wind at mile six and it felt awesome. Everyone out there seemed to be enjoying their time just as much as I was, plus it was really fun cheering on the full marathon participants as they came whizzing back by on their way to the finish. This will probably be my last half marathon until the fall given that summer is approaching, as is the vicious heat, so it’ll nice to take a small break from training, and just enjoy 5ks from time to time!

Aaaaaand that was my weekend!  Hope you enjoyed this ridiculous recap (or at least the photo of Thomas). I got my April Stridebox in the mail this evening, so expect a review on that tomorrow! Go enjoy your Monday.


4th of July Weekend Recap

Hey there, friends. As promised from yesterday here’s the holiday weekend recap you have been (you haven’t) anticipating! Also, a huge thank you to anyone who took time to read yesterday’s post. I read earlier today a memorial fund has been started in his name, so I’ll be to sure to post more info on that once it’s available!

I’m gonna shut up now because there’s a lot of pictures involved, and a lot of sunburn related complaints to get discuss. Let’s begin.

photo 4


The entirety of July 4th felt like a 3 day weekend within itself. I started off the morning running the Patriot 5k with my Dad, and my cousin, Aaron. The run went okay. I tried out the run ten minutes/walk one minute interval, but I felt like it just made me feel extra sluggish. Other than that it was a fun race! My cousin finished the race in 22 minutes, and then proceeded to lose control of his legs for the rest of weekend. Pace yourself there next time, buddy.

After getting home and cleaning up, Jake and I headed out to Grapevine Lake to meet his friends on their boat. I felt very much like P.Diddy (Jake obviously being J.Lo in this scenario).

Hamptions vaca 2014*~*~*~

Hamptions vaca 2014*~*~*~

I mentioned all of this last week, so let me just fast forward to that night. After the boat I went home and proceeded to nap like I never had before until it was time for dinner. I cleaned up (ONCE AGAIN) and then met Jake and his friends (ONCE AGAIN) for dinner and fireworks. I played Corn Hole for the first time, and by “played” I mean, “threw it 50 yards away from the designated target and yelled about it a lot”. I’m going to blame my poor performance on the mosquito bites that ultimately covered my legs like chicken pox. Jake’s friends had several citronella candles lit, and Jake’s friend’s wife, Katie, and I had tried using dryer sheets as protection from the bites, but still, nothing! I’m just going to start wearing a hazmat suit for the rest of summer.

Once we all tired of throwing sandbags into a hole, Katie brought out the sparklers.

Jake is America.

Jake is America.

And I am Laura Ingalls Wilder with my dumb braids.

And I am Laura Ingalls Wilder with my dumb braids.

Jake at one point lit four sparklers at once, so that was a great moment in fire safety. Eventually night time rolled around, and so did the fireworks. Jake’s friends live relatively close to the lake (where the fireworks show was taking place) so we were able to get a great view from their front yard!

Insert Katy Perry lyrics here.

Insert Katy Perry lyrics here.

In conclusion, I had pretty awesome 4th of July, and really cannot be topped in my opinion (unless you went to Mexico with Beyonce or something). Although, last year I did get drunk and hang out with a bunch of horses, so…

Summer 2013 - I was probably trying to convince this Clydesdale to start watching Breaking Bad.

Summer 2013 – I was probably trying to convince this Clydesdale to start watching Breaking Bad.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I’m hoping tomorrow I can get a IWTGTW post after work, but we’ll see! If not, you know me, I’ll just post it a day late and incessantly apologize. Claaaaasic Mallory.

Weekend Recap – Keep Austin Weird

Hey there, friends. Hope you are all having a nice Monday. Mine has been pretty awful. I found out ten minutes before I clocked out of work that I (and a few other employees) were transferred to an entirely new team, with an entirely new schedule…in an entirely new building. Needless to say, I am not very pumped. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not much, but I have volleyed back and forth between departments five times, with other 10 different schedule changes in the one year I have worked there. Oh well. I’m trying not to let this ruin my week, and who knows maybe it won’t be so bad? In the meantime, I will continue to send out my resume and job hunt till I eventually settle and find work as friendship bracelet mall vendor.

Debbie Downer news aside, I had an awesome weekend worth recapping, so let’s get down to it!

  • Friday

Okay this part of my weekend wasn’t too eventful. Jake and I went to Red Lobster because we have been married for 45 years and are done trying. We did however watch Bad Words and that was a delight. Always nice to see Jason Bateman with a bad attitude and penchant for cursing.

  • Saturday

Okay this was the fun day! I started out the morning with a hot yoga class and then booked it home to get ready for a day trip to Austin, Texas! For anyone not familiar with where I live in relation to Austin, it’s about 3-4 hours south of me. Four hours if I’m driving, three if it’s literally anyone else. Jake and I went to attend the Keep Austin Weird Festival/5k and it was a blast!

"What a great shot!" - said nobody

“What a great shot!” – said nobody

The festival portion consisted of live local music, food trucks, break dancing children, a lot of elaborate costumes, and of course…

My sweet prince.

My sweet prince.

Jake and I enjoyed free Korean BBQ tacos (my first time trying Korean BBQ), while enjoying a healthy dose of people watching. I felt a little awkward taking pictures of other people’s costumes, but there were a lot of creative ones for sure (including a Merman who really really committed to his pair of tights). We hung out until it was time for the 5k at 7 pm. I wasn’t planning on running, knowing that there would be food stops along the way (also the beer right before didn’t help either). What I didn’t know about was the best stop of all, which wasn’t even half a mile in! Fire up that loud, another round of shots…



I would like to to say that I personally did not pick the “Porn Star” flavor. The girl handing out the shots described one being sweet tart flavored and I willingly agreed. However, it tasted like really bad cough medicine (not that I know what good cough medicine tastes like. It always tastes like artificial grape and battery acid to me). Jake was smart and opted for whiskey flavored shots. Lesson learned.

Shortly after the shots we were handed water balloons…

Discarded from The Real Housewives Beverly Hills set.

Discarded from The Real Housewives Beverly Hills set.

Me, being the moron that I am, accidentally popped it in my own hand before I had the chance to throw it at anyone (Jake’s face). One guy threw one at a nearby innocent cyclist, who then promptly delivered a well deserved middle finger. Once the mini water balloon fight dissipated, we were directed to what looked like a very low budget Double Dare obstacle course.

Sadly, no Marc Summers.

Sadly, no Marc Summers.

You were handed a plate with a cup of water and instructed to make your way through the web of red strings. I can proudly say I never spilt my cup of water, nor did I trip at any point. It was quite the victory given my newborn giraffe like grace.

In true Austin fashion, some live music was featured a long the way, and boy did they deliver.

Ukelele jam sesh

Ukelele jam sesh

We passed by during a performance of my life anthem, “Margaritaville.” They were actually very good and were still going strong when we ventured back around for the last half of the race!

There a few other stops I wasn’t able to get photos of: a vodka station, a “slap the bag” challenge (ah, college), slip-n-slide, Amy’s Ice Cream (my love), and a bubble machine. Once we hit the finish line, it was unfortunately time to make the drive home since I had to up for work (ON A SUNDAY) the next morning. All in all it was an awesome day trip, and it just intensified my love for Austin. I hope to one day to be rich and hip enough to live down there. Mostly hoping to be hip enough.

  • Sunday

I had a half day at work (ew), and then headed to the gym with my dad where I biked a solid ten miles! I have to credit most of my motivation to the World Cup and the music of Michael Jackson, which got me through the simulated hills and resistance levels. Afterwards I picked up some sandwiches and headed to Jake’s where he worked on golf things while I read Game of Thrones (more on this in the next Friday Finds!).

That was my weekend, kids! In exciting news, my new schedule will allow a stronger chance for me to always commit to a I Want to Go to There posts! My old Wednesday schedule was 10-7, and often times I would just not be in the mood to blog once I got home. This time around (for now) I’ll be getting off at 5 pm, so that should be helpful! Have a good week!