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July Stridebox Review!

Hello and happy Tuesday! My July edition of Stridebox arrived in the mail yesterday! If you are unfamiliar with Stridebox, it is essentially a monthly subscription where runner enthusiasts receive sample sizes of pre and post run snacks, and few little running accessories. Feel free to learn more by checking out their website, or my past reviews. Let’s see what I got this month!

This month’s box included:

  • Mediterra – Sesame Energy Bar – Pistachio Honey
  • Hüma – Chia Energy Gel – Lemonade
  • Purps – Vita Drink – Purple Berry
  • Dermasport- Skincare for Athletes – Varety Pack
  • Rock Tape – Kinesiology Tape and Application Guide
  • Salba Chia – Boost – Whole Chia Seeds
  • GU Tab – Watermelon
  • Youth Infusion – Tangerine
  • Water Bottle

Most pumped about trying:

water bottle edit

My adorable new water bottle! The print on this bottle reads “Life is better when you’re running”, and I wholeheartedly agree. It holds about 17 oz, and car cup holder friendly, making it perfect as a hydration tag-a-long for when you’re out and about. Stridebox sent me a water bottle last summer that I still love and use today, so keep it coming you guys!

I am wary about trying:

huma edit

Energy gels taste like space food to me, and they never go down smooth. I can semi handle the GU packets, but the flavor HAS to be salted watermelon. That being said, a lemonade flavored energy gel with chia seed bits doesn’t sound to appetizing to me, but I’m willing to give it a shot. It appears to be gluten free and vegan friendly, which I appreciate, but on a long run I don’t care if the ingredients are jet fuel and radioactive waste, as long as it gets me through to the end.

Obsessed with the name:

purps edit

This name is ridiculous, but the drink is delicious! I tried it out this morning, and it tastes just like Grape Kool-Aid! Grape Kool-Aid was my jam as a kid, but my family hated it so we rarely ever had it. We also rarely ever had Kool-Aid because I adamant that we skip the sugar so the drink could be extra sour (I was a difficult roommate as a child). This drink is the creation of surfer dude Kelly Slater, who I think is bffs with Jack Johnson so that’s cool. The drink mix is a concoction of vitamins, minerals, and natural fruits, and I’m definitely Amazon-ing (an official verb) this to look for more!

  • Mainly just sold on the packaging:

chia seeds

Chia seeds are chia seeds. I don’t think you can upgrade them in any such way. I am big supporter of throwing chia seeds into anything and everything for a tasteless boost of fatty acids or Omega-3, and I am also big supporter of the Chia Pet, so really this is the most versatile product of all time. I feel like I am about to go into a whole schpeal on how great Chia Pets were, but let me go ahead and stop myself and get back to the point. I just loved the cute single serve packaging. I popped it into my breakfast smoothie this morning, and it did it’s normal chia seed job!

All in all I really like this box! I am so excited about the water bottle (my water bottle collection is out of control), as well as all of my new run snacks. Are any of you subscribed to a runners themed or health themed box? Let’s discuss!

May Stridebox Unboxing

Hey party people, it’s time for another Stridebox review! My box was waiting for me when I got home from work last night, and I must say this month’s box was pretty cool! It seems like the general motif for this box was “recovery.” I think you’ll see what I mean when I preview the samples. As always, feel free to grab your own box by heading over to the Stridebox website, and if you’re still a little apprehensive, check out some of my past reviews and see if that changes your mind! Now, let’s unbox…

Stridebox Review

This month’s box included:

  • Bounce – Natural Energy Ball – Cacao Mint (Thanks to Portlandia, I lost it at “Cacao”)
  • Glukos – Energy Gel – Orange
  • GU Energy – Chews – Strawberry
  • Osmo Nutrition – Active Hydration – His and Hers
  • Vita Perk – Vitamin Coffee Boost
  • Tiger Balm – Pain Relieving Patch – One Size
  • Stridebox – Massage and Recovery Ball

I am most pumped about trying:

Massage Recovery Ball

Is it weird that I am most excited about a foot massage ball? I actually used to have one very similar to this, but lost it somewhere (and by lost it, it rolled behind something in my closet), but these little things are super helpful for tired and sore feet! They are also great if you’ve been wearing uncomfortable shoes all day (i.e. this would all shoes for me. Thanks caveman feet!) and your feet hate you.

I am ALSO pumped about trying:

Tiger Balm

If there’s anything I need most in my life, it’s a chiropractor and a heating pad. I’m 99.9% that if someone took an x-ray of my spine it would look like a frayed wire cable. That being said, I am all for anything similar to an Icy Hot bandage, or something I can relieve back tension with after a run. This is a one size fits all sheet, so I’d imagine this could fit well for upper back, wrapped around a shoulder, or on the shins.

I am wary about trying:


I’ll be honest, I’m really only wary about this one because the thought of orange flavored gel sounds like a recipe for disaster. Feeling around the packet, the consistency inside seemed a bit runny, so again, disaster. I normally opt for gel packets over chews, so I’ll still give this shot, but I can’t make any promises that I won’t immediately puke up my life after eating it.

Well that’s interesting:

Vita Perk

As someone who is relatively new to the whole coffee thing (Think Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming), I am excited to try this out! It doesn’t appear to be coffee flavored, but rather some healthy junk you can stir in with either iced or hot coffee for a little extra health boost. Updates to follow if this turns me into a super human, or


All in all I am super pleased with this box! Do you see what I mean by the “relief” motif with the Tiger Balm and the massage ball? I’m probably reaching with that one, but they both seem like great for post run recovery. I will say the downside of this receiving the box this week is that the forecast for north Texas this weekend is heavy rain, which may eliminate any opportunity for a run and trying out these samples! Is there such thing a non rain dance? If yes, is there a Youtube tutorial available? Asking for a friend…


April Stridebox Unboxing

Good morning! I’m actually writing this post early since I don’t have to be in at work till 10 am! I had planned on going to the gym this morning, but I woke up with a lot of lower back pain because I am apparently 100 years old. So, here I am instead, writing a review with a heating pad on my back. Livin’ the dream! My April edition of my monthly subscription of Stridebox came in the mail yesterday evening, and I got quite a few goodies! If you are still unfamiliar with Stridebox, please refer to my last review, or check out their website! It is essentially a monthly subscription box for runners that includes a variety of pre, during, and post run snacks, with a few random running related items to try out as well. I always enjoy receiving my box every month, and the samples included always get put to good use. I used a handful of energy chews from my March box for my Rock N Roll Half Marathon last month, and they were great! Let’s take a look and see what it’s in the box for this month, shall we?

Stridebox Review

This month’s box included:

  • Squeaky Cheeks – Body & Foot Powder
  • Vega Sport – Endurance Gel – Orange Zest
  • Movit Energy Gummies – Berry & Citrus
  • Ultima Replenisher – Electrolyte Powder – Orangey
  • Squeaky Cheeks – Body & Foot Powder
  • Spenco – Gel Heel Cushions – One Size
  • Arctic Ease – Instant Cold Wrap
  • Zing – Nutrition Bar – Double Nut Brownie

I am most pumped about trying:

  • Vega Sport Endurance Gel

Vega Sport Endurance Gel

I have seen Vega products at Whole Foods, and have really interested in trying them out, but haven’t due to the fact that a jug of their protein powder cost about as much as a down payment on a house. I’ve also recently gotten into endurance gels as an alternative to gummy candies or energy bites for race fuel, and Vega is dairy, gluten, and soy free so I’m interested in seeing if this healthier alternative to GU packets is worth the price.

I am wary about trying:

  • Spenco Gel Heel Cushions

Spenco Gel Heel Cushions

The description of these heel cushion state that they are optimal for running or recovery. I am not certain if I’ll be placing these in the shoes I currently run in, but I may them out in what I refer to as my “weekend sneakers” (i.e. Keds or Toms) and see if they make a difference or alleviate any discomfort from walking around all day. I have tried Dr. Scholl’s inserts in running shoes in the past and found that they just felt unnatural and weird when I ran. I’ll give them a try though!

Well that’s interesting:

  • Squeaky Cheeks – Body & Foot Powder

Squeaky Cheeks Powder

This powder claims to have an active blend of essential oils and promises to prevent blisters and chafing, wick moisture away, cool and energize, and eliminate odor. Had I not read the packaging, I would have assumed that this was another electrolyte powder, and I could have potentially had an extraordinary unpleasant time with this product. It’s advised that you apply this product to feet, sock, gear, or sweat zones. Sweat Zones sounds like a missed opportunity for a 90’s boy band name. There does not appear to be an ingredients list on this product, but it does have the 100% Natural seal, so I guess I’ll just have to trust it! I think I may apply this to my feet on this weekend’s run and see how it holds up!

I hope you enjoyed this review, and I’m excited to try out everything in the box! I was once again sad to see a lack of a theme for this month, but I guess April is a tricky month for themes. Maybe some pastels? A play on “April showers bring May flowers”? Someone get me a job at Stridebox, I think I’m on to something.


Weekend Finds

Hello, it’s your favorite deadbeat blogger! This week has been a tad hectic, hence the lack of posts. I had meant to supplement Tuesday’s post with a IWTGTTW, but naturally I put it off. Well, Wednesday passed…as did Thursday…and womp womp womp no posts to be found. Friday could have easily included a ‘Friday Finds’, but that day was outrageously busy from the beginning to end. Ah, excuses. I really need to lock down a schedule for posts now that I have a new work schedule. I fear that it will probably change again once August rolls around, but in the meantime I really need to commit to something. Maybe that will be another July goal I can throw in? Let’s hope so! In the meantime, let’s get down on some Weekend Finds.

  • Stridebox Water Bottle
Shout out to my Wendy Davis sneaks.

Shout out to my Wendy Davis sneaks.

I’ve mentioned Stridebox in the past before, and I really can’t recommend them enough, but this month they really went all out! Almost anytime I am awarded a free t-shirt or water bottle, I am immediately sold. This month’s box included this inspirational water bottle that was born to be Instagram’d. I’ve been using it this week with the electrolyte samples that were also included in this month’s box, and so far it has been great! It has yet to warp in the dishwasher, so that’s a plus, and it definitely makes me want to get out and run more. It has a flip top spout, which is great if you want to fill it with a protein smoothie, or Cheetos. Just kidding about the Cheetos. You could though.

  • Booze
Kitchen sink photography, y'all.

Kitchen sink photography, y’all.

This might not be the classiest “find” I’ve featured, but we’re adults here, right? Okay actually it isn’t so much booze as it is this delightful Sauvigon Blanc I discovered at Whole Foods this weekend. I lack the fancy wine vocab to describe the taste of this, but I’ll give it a shot. I found that this wine tasted very “good”. It had hints of “alcohol”, and the wine bottle appeared to be made of “glass”. Nailed it.

  • Whole Foods
I am very proud of this photo. I should submit it to a contest.

I am very proud of this photo. I should submit it to a contest.

Speaking of Whole Foods, my town just got one and I am now a better person for it. I have gone twice in the past two days and I honestly could go every day of the week and not tire of it. Is it weird that I am this excited over a grocery store? There is actually a Central Market nearby (basically the same products/food), but my local CM is painfully tiny and always insanely crowded. Every shopping experience feels like a Walmart on 12:01 am on Black Friday. The new Whole Foods is very spacious, and doesn’t make me feel like I am about to have a claustrophobic meltdown. I am not entirely pumped about their $7 bottles of coconut water, but hey, any place that sells strawberry pineapple juice and features a produce section that is more colorful than anything I could have made with a box of Crayola’s as a child is fine by me.

Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone! The work week is over (unless you have to work this weekend, in which case, my thoughts are with you), and it is time to recap some cool stuff I happened upon this week! I hope you enjoyed last week’s “book report”. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I’m thinking of getting back into the BCS series for more reports…and also because I shamelessly love them. I have a bunch of other books in my “to be read” queue, so it may be awhile, but I’m tempted to put the Divergent series on the back burner and get some side ponytail tips from Claudia. We’ll see.

  • Snappy Salads
Get out of my dreams, and into my MOUTH.

Get out of my dreams, and into my MOUTH.

After work today, my dad and I headed out to dinner (mom had already eaten) and I was introduced to the sweet majesty that is Snappy Salads. Normally I’m a little hesitant with salad joints. Salad bars are pretty boring to me, and the idea of eating a whole salad as a meal just never appealed to me, that is, until I met the Grilled Avocado salad at Snappy Salads. I wish I had caught the name of the dressing they had used, but you guys, it was life changing. The best way I could describe it is a spicy, peppery, and ranch-like. Whatever it was, it was like getting kicked in the mouth, but in a good way (you’ve had a pleasant round house kick to the jaw before, right?). My dad ordered a Santa Fe salad, which I sampled, and it was wonderfully delicious as well! The atmosphere of the restaurant is delightfully hipster. The menus are written on large chalkboards, with Arcade Fire reminding you that “IT’S JUST A REFLECTOR” in the background, and wooden tables and stools for dining. The only downside was being behind a teenage girl in line who spent a solid five minutes trying to decide what kind of lettuce she would like in her salad. While the lettuce options were clearly displayed in front of her, she expressed a fair amount of concern as to the differences between the lettuce. I do not understand today’s youth. Either way, check this place out, and just shove hip teens out of your way if they are taking too much time picking out a menu option.

  • This month’s Stridebox
Step one, cut a hole in the box. Step two, put yo electrolyte mix in the box.

Step one, cut a hole in the box. Step two, put yo electrolyte mix in the box.

Opening my Stidebox is probably my favorite part of the month (I lead a very simple life), and this month was definitely a pleaser! Equipped with the usuals; energy chews, protein bars, and performance drink mixes, this box also featured something really cool! A fanny pack belt! Now, to a normal person, this may sound incredibly sad, but to a runner, it’s quite the prize. The belt is split into sections, with a few zipped pouches, perfect for holding energy chews, chap stick, and whatever else I may need for a long run! Needless to say, with that addition, I was quite impressed with this month’s box.

  • National Sibling Day
Little known fact: I was actually Andrew from Family Ties from 1993-1995.

Little known fact: I was actually Andrew from Family Ties from 1993-1995.

In case you weren’t on Facebook or Instagram at all this week, yesterday was National Sibling Day. While most people opted for sweet, and updated photos of themselves and their sibling, I went for youthful and painfully tragic. While I appreciate my sister everyday, yesterday seemed like a prime opportunity to express thanks for our once poor choices in fashion, hair, and in my case, face. My sister’s husband often describes her younger days as an “obvious member of a book club”, while I showed the bottom left photo to Jake and he couldn’t make eye contact with me for at least five minutes afterwards. I do find however the top photo describes a lot of issues I’ve dealt with since childhood, namely, trouble listening, and unable to maintain bangs. In regards to Megan, if I may quote my most favorite thing she has ever said, “When I was kid I used to wonder what I would look like when I grew up, and I look exactly the same.” With the exception of the glasses, braces, and mid 90’s Old Navy wardrobe, she is one of those people you look at childhood photos and go “Oh, this is obviously you.” Whereas people look at my photos and ask if this is a backwoods cousin of mine. I hope someday I encounter a contest for most unfortunate childhood/family photos, because I feel like my sister and I would walk away champions.