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Brews, Booze and Running.

Hello and happy Monday! On a scale of 1 to 10, how ready are you for another work week? I don’t think I am even registering on the scale today. My pattern of crappy sleep returned this weekend, thus making waking up this Monday morning ultra difficult. Let’s hope my sleep schedule regulates itself by tonight, because I 100% do not want to deal with being exhausted all week! Waking up at 4 am and watching International House Hunters aside, let’s recap this weekend, shall we?

  • Friday

Grapevine Brewery

Friday night Jake and I ventured to the opening of Grapevine Brewery in downtown Grapevine! The place was wall to wall with people, but while it was crazy crowded, the general vibe of the evening seemed to be chill and fun. On tap for the evening was Lakefire (rye pale ale), Monarch (American wheat), Sir Williams (English brown ale), and Night Watch (oatmeal stout), as well as few other seasonal selections, but I couldn’t quite catch the names from where we were standing (sorry!). I opted for Lakefire, while Jake tried out the Monarch.


Both were great, and Jake and I decided we will definitely be back for more! We’ ll probably wait a week or two for the crowds to simmer so we can really enjoy the place. Thankfully due to it’s location we could easily pop in and hang out after a dinner on Main Street, so I foresee a lot of beer in my future this summer…

  • Saturday

Saturday morning my Dad and I ran the Sweat for Sangria Foodie 5k in Southlake, and it was so much fun! It was hosted by Social Running, a casual group of runners in the DFW area, and they were super friendly and put on a really organized and fun run for us all! The run started in Southlake Town Center, through a nearby neighborhood, and ended at Campania Pizza, where at the finish we were treated to sangria, pizza and caesar salads! I opted for just a glass on sangria, and it proved to be the best post race treat of all time.


After getting mildly day drunk and cleaning up, we headed up to my grandparent’s place to help with some yard work. Oh, and be “we”, I mean my Dad and Jake, and I played with the dogs the whole time. Once we were home I immediately got started on another Blue Apron meal! Saturday’s course included cornmeal crusted catfish, cucumber tomato salad, and remoulade creamy potatoes!

finished dinner

Excuse the fine china I used, but everything was delicious! I am becoming quite the fan of this Blue Apron service, let me tell ya. I’m hoping to make the remainder of the meals tonight and tomorrow, so be on the lookout for those!

  • Sunday

Sunday morning my Dad ran the Too Hot to Handle 5k in Dallas, but I’m an idiot and didn’t take any photos to document the event. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it happened! The race was quite literally Too Hot to Handle, as I found myself to basically be a wrung out dishrag by the end of the race. After heading home and cleaning up, I made my to the grocery store, and then to NTB for my idiot car to be checked out since the bulb light came on earlier that weekend. Turns out all bulbs are working just fine, it’s just my car who thought it would be fun to go in while I waited for over in hour in a waiting room with a TV set to the all consuming hell that is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Thanks car!!!

And that was my super 5k filled and ridiculous Saturday and Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend, and I shall catch you all tomorrow. Hopefully with another Blue Apron review!


Craft Beers, Craft Beards & DMB.

My bad, you guys. I inadvertently took a 2 week hiatus for absolutely no reason. I don’t even have a cool vacation story, or ground breaking life event to share as means of an excuse, other than I got super busy and a little bit lazy! Ugh, step it up, Mallory. Thankfully I have today off from work, so I can catch up on here a little bit, and then resume with the normal posts this Wednesday and Friday. In the meantime, can you guys settle for a weekend recap? You can? Great. You’re so accommodating!

  • Friday

Friday night Jake and I met up with a few friends for my town’s annual Main Street Days festival. It’s equal parts craft beer garden, local vendors selling overpriced boutique items, and carnival. The last time I went to Main Street Days was my senior year of high school, and strangely enough my first date with Jake (we have not been together the entirety of those six years, btw. Sorry to bring a screeching halt to whatever Nicholas Sparks-esque fantasy you were dreaming up about us). I tried out three beers, successfully avoided the fried Oreos, and had fun on a few rides. Here’s an extremely romantic shot of Jake and I on the ferris wheel.



We also went on what’s known as the “Zipper” which is essentially a hellish death trap that suspends you upside down for a handful of seconds, and then violently propels you back and forth until you deeply regret the three beers you drank earlier. While my stomach was still in my throat, we took it upon ourselves to go on the “Spaceship 3000”, which was bumping a lot of Top 40 hits from 2002-2005. I of course loved that aspect. When you first walk into the ride, you are told to lean back against a plank, while the ride spins around like a demonic carousel. Fun fact: When I first rode the Spaceship 3000 in 2008, a kid from high school was climbing around (which you AREN’T supposed to do!), fell, and his elbow hit me square in the face, and I blacked out for the remainder of the ride. As you can imagine, it really added something special to my date that night. Once that ride was over, I was pretty much over anything that was fast, and nauseating, so we went on a mini haunted house ride, and did some bumper cars. Jake and his friends did an obstacle course designed for children. Jake fell and cut his hand, thus reaffirming why he shouldn’t be out in the public. By the time they were done I was feeling pretty awful, considering that I am a moron and took it upon myself to wear brand new sandals and walk probably a distance of 2-3 miles that night. By the end of the night I had cuts on both feet, and a blister that felt like a balloon. Gross? Sorry. Needless to say I was little grumpy by the end of the night, and ready to google the costs of purchasing a Hoveround.

  • Saturday

Saturday morning my Dad and I ran the Tasty Run 5k in Addison. We ran it last year and had a lot of fun. You have free access to the Taste of Addison food festival afterwards, and there’s always free stuff to pick up as well! They had little food stops a long the run, but I was champ and only stopped for Cane’s lemonade! I came in 7th of out 20 in my age group, and my dad came in first for his (100+ years…jk). Once we were home I made a bee line for my bed and proceeded to crash and take a three hour nap. Once I awoke from my brief coma, I went and got my nails done. Note to self, don’t get your nails done on the same afternoon a hoard of teens are getting ready for their prom. That place was packed! My nail tech asked me if I too was getting ready for prom, and promptly submitted her application for sainthood and then let her know that I was actually 23. She was also kind enough not to comment on my toenails that are still bruised from my half marathon that I ran more than a month ago. I had to text my sister and make sure I wasn’t anemic or dying, and that it’s normal for toenails to stay bruised for long periods of time. Phew. Once I was home, I got dressed and Jake and I headed to Dallas to see Dave Matthews Band at Gexa Energy Pavillion (it will always be Smirnoff Center to me).




It was my first DMB show, and I believe Jake’s 108th, so that was fun. I’ll be honest, I probably know like a solid five DMB songs, and naturally, the one show I go to, they play 2 out of the 5, so I’m left awkwardly swaying, swatting away weed smoke so I don’t provoke an asthma attack on my mother on my return home. I really did have fun though. It was a great live show, and some prime people watching. Most men were dressed like they were on their frat’s spring retreat, and most of the girls donned flower crowns and crop tops as if they stepped straight out some tumblr-Coachella-lookbook hybrid. The double date in front of us was especially great. Two of the guys brought their own…well, “greenery” if you will, and another brought an entire bottle of Jack Daniel’s. An hour later 3/4 of the group were fast asleep. One girl attempted to wake her boyfriend so they could leave, and watching him stand and saunter around was a lot like watching a toddler on an anti-gravity treadmill. All of this set to the sweet jamz of DMB, made for a wonderful evening.

  • Sunday¬†

I literally did nothing.

That was my weekend, y’all. I saw Godzilla today, but I’ll save that review for this week’s Friday Finds, which is my way of saying that blog post consistency will resume once again! (I will say that you should definitely blow off work sometime this week and see it. That is all).