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Friday Finds

Hello and happy Friday! After what has felt like a molasses paced week, we have finally made it to Friday! The only downside is that after taking an intense Pilates and yoga mix of classes this week, my arms are so sore that I can’t raise them over my head. Let’s hope this weekend doesn’t call for any high fiving, waving, or a 90’s throwback dance party where I am called to “raise the roof”. Thankfully all activities I have planned for this weekend involve very little arm movement. Tonight Jake and I are going to the opening of the Grapevine Craft Brewery that is opening in, well, Grapevine! Tonight they’ll be having live music, food trucks, and of course, beer. I’m really excited to try their selection, and watch Jake geek out over beer. I don’t know anything about beer except that there is alcohol in it, so maybe I’ll learn something tonight. Who knows?! Tomorrow and Sunday I have two different races lined up. Saturday I’ll be running the Sweat for Sangria 5k in Southlake, where after the race we’ll be treated to sangria and pizza! It’s a social run, so I’m thinking it will be a smaller group of people, which I normally prefer for 5ks (less tripping over people)! Then on Sunday I am running the Too Hot to Handle 5k  in Dallas! This will be my third year running this race and I am super pumped because this race normally gives out tank tops rather than t-shirts. A weird thing to be pumped about, but hey it doesn’t take much for me. Expect to see some race recaps on those come Monday, but in the mean time, let’s review some Friday Finds!

  • Breakfast Smoothies

smoothie edit

You may recall a couple months ago when I posted about my holy grail breakfast staple, but this week I changed things up a bit. After getting a little tired of eggs every morning, I thought I’d switch it up to a smoothie! I swap out the fruit every now and then, but here’s what I’ve been sticking to this week:

  • 1 whole banana (sliced)
  • 1 cup of strawberries (sliced)
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups of  unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 3 tablespoons ground flax seed meal
  • 3 tablespoons chia seeds

Don’t let the flax seed meal and chia seeds throw you off! When blended it all tastes very “breakfast-y” and delicious! I’m also crediting the flax seed meal for keep me full until lunch time. I haven’t heard a growl from my stomach from the hours of 6 am to when I normally take lunch at 11 am!

  • Cucumber Noodle Spaghetti

cucumber spaghetti edit

Wow this is a food heavy Friday Finds this week! Last night I thought I’d get a little creative with my dinner and get my fair share of vegetables in, and whipped up some cucumber noodle spaghetti! It was super simple and I was able to multi-task the cooking with preparing my lunch for today. Here’s what I used:

  • One whole cucumber, sliced thinly as possibly. If you have a mandolin slicer, use that because you are fancy and it works better.
  • Favorite pasta sauce
  • Chopped garlic
  • A sprig of arugula as a garnish to make it look like I’ve done this before.

I cooked the noodles, sauce, and garlic on a saucepan at medium heat for about 10-15 minutes. I wanted to make the cucumber noodles as a soft as possible so I could achieve the fork twirl effect I would normally get with pasta spaghetti, and it worked! I super recommend this if haven’t tried it out already. It was so much fun to make, and is a carb friendly option to regular spaghetti!

  • New hairbrush

brush new edit

Normally I don’t care much about hairbrushes, they all do the same thing for me, but good lord did I need a new one. I’ve been rocking my Wet Brush for nearly two years now, and while I love it, it is prone to getting fuzz and other junk in it (which is not coming from my hair, leading me to believe my cats use it when I’m not around), and it is near impossible to get out. That being said, I parused Amazon the other day for a new brush, and stumbled upon the Oval Wood Bristle Brush by Bass Brushes. It is made from 100% bamboo (sorry pandas), and the wooden bristles are supposed to help stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth. That last part may be a bunch of black magic nonsense, but I will say the bristles feel a lot like a head massage, so I am loving it!

  • Cold Brew Coffee

starbucks cold brew coffee

Okay this one isn’t so much a “find” as it is a “I super want to try this!” I read that Starbucks recently released cold brew coffee on their menus, and after reading up on the taste and benefits of cold brew coffee, I really want to try it! What makes cold brew different from regular coffee? Well according this article from the Washington Post:

…the cold-brew process swaps piping hot water for room-temperature water, and requires grounds to steep for up to 24 hours.

What results is a batch of coffee — which can be served iced or heated — that’s much less bitter than coffee brewed the traditional way. According to a study conducted by Intertek in 2005, cold-brewed coffee contains about 65 percent less acidity than coffee brewed in hot water, making it a viable alternative for sensitive stomachs.

I have normally had to be careful with coffee in the past due to it upsetting my stomach, so this sounds like the perfect match for me! I’m hoping to swing by Starbucks tomorrow morning and give this a go, but I also read that the brewery Jake and I are visiting tonight makes their own as well! If I can get my hands on some tonight, and try out Starbucks this weekend, I’ll be sure to fill you all in on a compare and contrast! Have any of you tried cold brew coffee? Was it good? Did it ruin your life?

That’s it for this week! Also, you may have noticed I didn’t have a book to review this week’s post. I am taking my time on Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance” because I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set A Watchmen’ this coming week! You can for sure expect a review on that one! Well, I’m off to go try some craft beer and food truck tacos. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and I’ll catch up with you Monday!


Equality, Sandwiches & Keeping Austin Weird.

Hello and happy Monday! For some reason today does not feel like a Monday at all. I woke up thinking it was Saturday and upon realizing that my alarm was not a mistake and it was in fact Monday, I was obviously quite upset.

shark farts

I had a super awesome weekend and now I have to trudge through the work week again, but good news is that I have Friday off for the Fourth of July weekend. Thanks America! Speaking of America, a round of applause for legalizing gay marriage this past Friday!


Side note, up until Friday I was not aware that there were other color schemes used in the LGBTQ community! If you’d like to learn about the colors and symbols used in the community I highly recommended this resource. And while I respect other’s opinions and beliefs, I’d ask that you refrain from commenting on any opposing views on this matter. I’ve seen enough nonsensical trash on my Facebook news feed of people who are genuinely offended by this, and quite frankly I don’t want to invite opportunity to share something hateful for such a positive and amazing event. If I wanted to hear something hateful or ridiculous I’d watch a Real Housewives reunion.

Shifting gears a bit, let’s recap more cool stuff from this weekend, but more specifically the Keep Austin Weird 5k! Some of you may remember that Jake and I participated in this event last year and had a blast! This 5k/festival has been going on for 13 years now, and always brings out the electic people of Austin with costumes, bubbles, and of course, booze. Jake and I got into Austin Friday evening and thankfully his sister and brother-in-law were kind enough to let us stay at their house for the weekend since they live just outside of Austin! The race started at 7 pm Saturday so we agreed that much like last year we would walk the route since it was already crazy humid outside.


The first stop was for Deep Eddy Vodka, but just like last year the line was so long we had to skip it and move on to the next. We did happen upon the Ukulele Society of Austin, and they were adorable and wonderful and I think Jake wants to join their band now.


The above photo was probably my favorite duo of the evening. A father walked/ran whilst playing his guitar along side his son who was clearly taking it well. We also saw families dressed as Pac Man characters, friends decked out as Mario Kart racers, and even one dude wearing an adult diaper!

new belgium

While didn’t get our hands on any vodka, we did get to sample an IPA from New Belgium, and you guys know I’m not a beer fan, but this stuff was pretty good! I wasn’t able to get a photo, but the stop before the beer was the incredible and amazing Amy’s Ice Cream, and while my allegiance still lies with Blue Bell (#babycomeback), I will say their vanilla ice cream is comparable to an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. I don’t know who Amy is, but I do know that she is brilliant and I would like for her to officiate my wedding.

Now my only complaint is the lack of obstacle courses and shots stations. Last year there was a mini webbed course, and I got two different shots! I feel silly complaining because even without those things it was an awesome time, but I think we can all agree that obstacle courses and shots can take anything from 0 to 100, am I right?


After the race Jake and I booked it straight to Thundercloud Subs. I have not had Thundercloud in about five years, but I bring it up in conversation at least once a month and I have missed it dearly. Thundercloud is an Austin classic and they are best subs of all time. Yeah, you heard me. I ate mine in what felt like one breath, but it was amazing and I promise myself never will I deprive myself of the sandwich masterpiece for so long ever again. If you ever get the chance to go, order the New York Italian with the Thunder sauce. You won’t regret it, but if you don’t like it just send whatever you have left over to me.

I need to go make myself a sandwich now. Anyone got a recipe for that Thunder Sauce? Anyone? Oh well. That’s all for Monday! I’m hoping tomorrow I can get my July Stitch Fix review up so look out for that! Have a great day!


Weekend Race Recaps!

Hello and happy Monday! Or Happy Star Wars day, since today is “May the Fourth Be With You.” In honor of this day I will be doing nothing because I have to work and made up holidays do not warrant a day off for me. Haha, I love being an adult! Also, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which while is a real holiday, I still can’t do anything because, oh what’s that? I have to work. Maybe I’ll just eat some chips and salsa and then cry while I browse through my Facebook feed of friends who are still in college and enjoying margarita drink specials.

Well that got weird fast. Aside from avoiding adulthood, I had a pretty great weekend filled with 5ks and lazy days. In fact, so lazy that I fell asleep at 5 pm on Saturday. I am out of control. Oh well. Anyways, I’ve got a few pictures and a few opinions on the races I participated in this weekend, so let’s recap!

  • Vineyard 5k

Vineyard 5k

On Saturday morning I ran the Vineyard 5k at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine, which my third year participating in the race. I will say that I super hate this course; awkward placed through a neighborhood, hills, and then more hills, but the promise of free wine is too good to pass up. Normally, since there is limited parking at the Vineyard, runners are encouraged to park at the local high school (Boooo, CHHS), and then be shuttled via bus over to the event. After the event apparently shuttling runners back to the high school was not discussed, because several us waited upwards of 20 minutes before deciding to hell with it, and just walked back to the high school (it’s just a 5 minute walk…across a highway). Poor planning, and unfavorable course aside, I did enjoy my small glass (dixie cup) of rosé after the run. However, to be completely honest with you, I probably won’t run this race again because it continually becomes more unimpressive every time every year. The t-shirts are painfully boring. This year’s was a bright red tech tee with abnormally large sleeves, and white outlined logo of grapes.


I mean, I’m not graphic artist, nor do I work in the screen printing industry, but I feel like this is an awesome opportunity for a really cool t-shirt! Maybe something involving a glass of wine? Maybe a photo of me on my 21st birthday? The possibilities are endless. I know it’s petty to complain about a race t-shirt, but I think it’s part of the fun of being able to say you ran in that event! Speaking of, maybe I should go a post on my favorite race shirts…

  • Skyline 5k

Skyline 5k

Sunday morning was the first ever Skyline 5k/10k/Half Marathon in Dallas, and I loved it! I ran the 5k course, but given how beautiful the weather was Sunday morning, I wish I had run the half marathon! The course was set along the Trinity Skyline Trail, in downtown Dallas, which offers an awesome view of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and a view of the post apocalyptic marsh land that is the Trinity River. The 5k course was on mostly flat pavement, with a brief moment of gravel when running underneath the overpass. Afterwards we were treated with mini breakfast burritos, bananas, and coconut water from Zico! Had we stayed till 10 am we could have scored a free beer, but my dad and I had to book it home so my family could head over for an afternoon at with Grandparents *sad trumpet plays here*. Now this race had an awesome t-shirt (I’m wearing it in the Vineyard 5k photo above), and all participants received a medal! This race was put on by Run Project, which is my favorite race sponsor in DFW because they always put on well organized and super fun events. Weather permitting, next year I’d love to run the half marathon course for this event, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in participating in this race in 2016!

What a weekend for 5ks! I don’t have any races until next week (The Bubble Run and Xterra Trail Run!), so it’ll be a small break for race recaps. However, I did get my Stitch Fix box this weekend so expect that review sometime this week! Enjoy your Monday, and May the Fourth be with you.

star wars


Monday Musings ft. Cinderella and Race Recap!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, whether it had been filled with green beer, or parked in front of Netflix. I had an awesome weekend and I’m ready to recap it. so let’s start with Friday!

  • Bippity Boppity Boo


Jake and I went to Alamo Drafthouse to to see the new live action Cinderella, and I loved it! The movie was absolutely beautiful, and I really can’t even think of a single thing to complain about it (for once in my life)! Cate Blanchett was wonderful as always, and Lily James, who I was unfamiliar with prior to this movie, did an amazing job as Cinderella! If you are apprehensive about seeing this out of fear that it won’t do the animated feature (or whichever adaption you love the most) won’t do it justice, I promise this won’t be a let down! Now if your favorite adaption is the original story in which the step sisters cut off parts of their feet to fit into the glass slipper, then yes, you will be disappointed.

I loved being able to see this at Alamo Drafthouse because we share the biggest pet peeve, people who talk or text during movies. If you are bothered by someone who is ruining the experience for you, you can write your complaint on a piece of a paper, and your waiter (it is a dine in theater) will collect your complaint, warn the annoying person, and if they act up again, said person will have to leave the theater without a refund. I love this rule more than anything, and I wish every movie theater adhered to this! Jake and I once went and saw Anchorman 2 and sat behind a bunch of high school kids who talked the entire time, and one kid even pulled out his phone and took an Instagram video of the movie! I hope he got zero likes on that post!

What I was even more impressed with is that Alamo had even provided a Cinderella themed menu, which included: Gus Gus’ Cheese Plate, The Pumpkin Carriage Shake, The Glass Slipper, Cinderella’s Ballroom Dress, and Prince Charming.


I tried The Glass Slipper, and Cinderella’s Ballroom dress, and they were both pretty good! Both drinks had a light blue hue which I loved, but to be honest I just loved the themed names! You all know how I feel about themes (see: Stridebox review).

  • Irish You Wouldn’t


Saturday morning my dad and I participated in the Dash Down Greenville 5k for the third year in a row! This 5k takes place before the big St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dallas, and it is filled with crazy costumes, and people three sheets to the wind before 9 am. This year I didn’t get an honorary free Guinness at the end because the line would have easily been a half hour wait. Also, I really don’t even like Guinness so I don’t think a two second wait would have enticed me either.

The race was a lot of fun, and I always enjoy the crazy spectators they have on the sidelines. I also got to try out my new CW-X leggings too!


I wouldn’t say that these leggings are life changing, and to be honest they kind of made my legs feel a bit clunky. I’ll give them another shot, but as of right now I’d have to give them a 6/10. I love the swirly and colorful design on the leggings, so that’s a plus I suppose? I was hoping to wear these for my half marathon next weekend, but I may just stick with my trusty New Balance leggings instead.

Well, I’m off to the gym for what I hope will a successful treadmill run! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my weekly meal prep for my work lunches. Have a great day!

Weekend Recap – Keep Austin Weird

Hey there, friends. Hope you are all having a nice Monday. Mine has been pretty awful. I found out ten minutes before I clocked out of work that I (and a few other employees) were transferred to an entirely new team, with an entirely new schedule…in an entirely new building. Needless to say, I am not very pumped. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not much, but I have volleyed back and forth between departments five times, with other 10 different schedule changes in the one year I have worked there. Oh well. I’m trying not to let this ruin my week, and who knows maybe it won’t be so bad? In the meantime, I will continue to send out my resume and job hunt till I eventually settle and find work as friendship bracelet mall vendor.

Debbie Downer news aside, I had an awesome weekend worth recapping, so let’s get down to it!

  • Friday

Okay this part of my weekend wasn’t too eventful. Jake and I went to Red Lobster because we have been married for 45 years and are done trying. We did however watch Bad Words and that was a delight. Always nice to see Jason Bateman with a bad attitude and penchant for cursing.

  • Saturday

Okay this was the fun day! I started out the morning with a hot yoga class and then booked it home to get ready for a day trip to Austin, Texas! For anyone not familiar with where I live in relation to Austin, it’s about 3-4 hours south of me. Four hours if I’m driving, three if it’s literally anyone else. Jake and I went to attend the Keep Austin Weird Festival/5k and it was a blast!

"What a great shot!" - said nobody

“What a great shot!” – said nobody

The festival portion consisted of live local music, food trucks, break dancing children, a lot of elaborate costumes, and of course…

My sweet prince.

My sweet prince.

Jake and I enjoyed free Korean BBQ tacos (my first time trying Korean BBQ), while enjoying a healthy dose of people watching. I felt a little awkward taking pictures of other people’s costumes, but there were a lot of creative ones for sure (including a Merman who really really committed to his pair of tights). We hung out until it was time for the 5k at 7 pm. I wasn’t planning on running, knowing that there would be food stops along the way (also the beer right before didn’t help either). What I didn’t know about was the best stop of all, which wasn’t even half a mile in! Fire up that loud, another round of shots…



I would like to to say that I personally did not pick the “Porn Star” flavor. The girl handing out the shots described one being sweet tart flavored and I willingly agreed. However, it tasted like really bad cough medicine (not that I know what good cough medicine tastes like. It always tastes like artificial grape and battery acid to me). Jake was smart and opted for whiskey flavored shots. Lesson learned.

Shortly after the shots we were handed water balloons…

Discarded from The Real Housewives Beverly Hills set.

Discarded from The Real Housewives Beverly Hills set.

Me, being the moron that I am, accidentally popped it in my own hand before I had the chance to throw it at anyone (Jake’s face). One guy threw one at a nearby innocent cyclist, who then promptly delivered a well deserved middle finger. Once the mini water balloon fight dissipated, we were directed to what looked like a very low budget Double Dare obstacle course.

Sadly, no Marc Summers.

Sadly, no Marc Summers.

You were handed a plate with a cup of water and instructed to make your way through the web of red strings. I can proudly say I never spilt my cup of water, nor did I trip at any point. It was quite the victory given my newborn giraffe like grace.

In true Austin fashion, some live music was featured a long the way, and boy did they deliver.

Ukelele jam sesh

Ukelele jam sesh

We passed by during a performance of my life anthem, “Margaritaville.” They were actually very good and were still going strong when we ventured back around for the last half of the race!

There a few other stops I wasn’t able to get photos of: a vodka station, a “slap the bag” challenge (ah, college), slip-n-slide, Amy’s Ice Cream (my love), and a bubble machine. Once we hit the finish line, it was unfortunately time to make the drive home since I had to up for work (ON A SUNDAY) the next morning. All in all it was an awesome day trip, and it just intensified my love for Austin. I hope to one day to be rich and hip enough to live down there. Mostly hoping to be hip enough.

  • Sunday

I had a half day at work (ew), and then headed to the gym with my dad where I biked a solid ten miles! I have to credit most of my motivation to the World Cup and the music of Michael Jackson, which got me through the simulated hills and resistance levels. Afterwards I picked up some sandwiches and headed to Jake’s where he worked on golf things while I read Game of Thrones (more on this in the next Friday Finds!).

That was my weekend, kids! In exciting news, my new schedule will allow a stronger chance for me to always commit to a I Want to Go to There posts! My old Wednesday schedule was 10-7, and often times I would just not be in the mood to blog once I got home. This time around (for now) I’ll be getting off at 5 pm, so that should be helpful! Have a good week!