#tbt VIII

Hello and welcome back to another edition of #tbt, where I dig up wacky photos of my childhood and attempt to make sense of the situation! Today’s photo takes place at a classic childhood event, field day! For any of you who may have been home-schooled, or went to the school from Matilda, field day was basically the Olympics for kids.Classic events included: potato sack races, tire flipping (was this a precursor to Crossfit??), tug-of-war, and relay races. Being it that I was horrifically underweight most of my childhood (often knocked down by small breezes or a sneeze), I contributed absolutely nothing to these athletic events. One would think that being small that maybe that I could at least run fast. Sadly, that was not case. It probably didn’t help that my diet at the time was sour straws and Capri Sun, but that is neither here nor there. Thankfully there is photographic evidence of me truly exemplifying the Coldplay lyric, “When you try your best but you don’t succeeeeeed”, during a relay race. Thanks to my mom, my last place finish will live on forever!



  • Lululemon
  • Or jersey knit jorts and a t-shirt two sizes too big.


  • Down and blowing in the wind probably with the hopes of looking effortless, but ending up with the beginnings of a bird’s nest by the end of the day.


  • Wounded giraffe.


  • None, just the sign of crushing defeat wiped over my face.


  • Local high school football field, when during the summer months, smells like melted Tupperware.

Little did I know that nearly 15 years later I would end up love running, but I am probably still running at the same pace I am in that photo…and that’s okay! Hopefully I still don’t look like I have utterly resigned to life and can no longer go on (I do). Did any of you participate in a field day or something like it as a kid, and if so did you have any ridiculous activities? I still can’t get over that my school was having a bunch of 6-8 years old kids lifting and pushing over tractor tires. We weren’t even treated to creatine shakes afterwards.


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