Fried Chicken, Chris Carrabba, & America.

Hello and happy Monday! Man it is hard coming back to work after a three day weekend. I woke up this morning 100% not ready to start my day and I am already New Years Eve style counting down to Friday. I also slept terribly last night, which is strange because I stretched (stretching before I go to bed always helps me fall asleep and stay asleep) and drank my bed time tea, but I ended up tossing and turning all night. Let’s hope being extra tired today will keep me knocked out for tonight’s sleep! While I’m still awake though, let’s recap my Fourth of July weekend!

  • Friday

Shortly after posting my Friday Finds, I got to work on cooking up my first meal from Blue Apron! I opted for the Fried Chicken dinner, given that it was an ultra American holiday weekend, and it turned out great!
blue apron dinner editIt was paired with a kale-cabbage slaw, and mini biscuits! The meal proved to be very easy and fun to cook, and given that it was my first time cooking fried chicken, I was thankful that it went over smoothly! The meal took roughly about 35-40 minutes to prepare, and even after feeding three people, I still have some slaw leftover (largely due to the fact that Jake doesn’t eat anything green)!

After dinner, Jake had some work to do, so I took over Netflix duty, and much to his dismay I chose what may be the greatest documentary in the history of film, Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. As a life long BSB fan, this documentary was everything and more. Dancing! Singing! Adult men arguing about dancing and singing! And a lot of shade thrown at (and rightfully so) Lou Pearlman! I saw BSB in concert in 2011, and it was probably the most entertaining experience of my life, and I feel like that is saying a lot because I have seen Beyoncé live. I highly recommend this movie to any BSB fan, or really anyone who has an appreciation for 90’s boy bands. It was a DELIGHT.

  • Saturday

I started off my American celebration with a hot and humid 10k early in the morning. I’m telling you, it’s getting to the point where even 7 am is too late to run in the summer. It was puddle of sweat by the time I was finished, and it was only a little after 8. Barf. After cleaning up I took my puppy Hannah (she’s 9) to meet Jake’s puppy for the first time and go swim. Unfortunately it did not go over well, and I took my puppy home after about 15 minutes of the two just staring at each and being too nervous to do anything. Dogs meeting for the first time is literally no different than a middle school dance, I swear. After dropping off Hannah back home, Jake and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to the pool.

4th of july

As you can see here, I really know how to celebrate. I found that donut float at Target and it has proven to probably be the best investment I have ever made. After making a fool of myself and cleaning up, Jake and I headed to the highlight of the evening, Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind at The Southside Ballroom in Dallas! What I didn’t know was that Augustana was opening, so once they came on stage I was more than certain that I had actually gone back in time to 2007.


They were absolutely amazing live and now that I know that they are still around and have other songs besides “I THINK I’LL GO TO BAWWWWSTAWWWWN” I’ll definitely be listening to more of them, and while Augustana was amazing, I was mainly there to see my boyfriend #2 (sorry Jake), Chris Carrabba.


I saw Dashboard for the first time in 2011 as part of anniversary tour celebrating the release of Swiss Army Romance, and it was mind blowing. This go around was no different, but he definitely had a more excitable energy than when I saw him last. Also, you have not lived until you have screamed the lyrics to Hands Down with a room full of strangers.

Once Dashboard had completed their set, Jake and I were contemplated staying around to see Third Eye Blind given that we had already been standing for three hours at that point, and we really only know like four of their songs. We stayed for their first three songs, and then booked it out and headed home. I feel bad for not staying the whole time, but my feet were killing me. I’m sorry Stephan Jenkins, maybe another time!

Sunday was a lazy day, so I don’t have much to recap there, sorry! I hope you all had an awesome time celebrating the 4th of July! I’m going to go sleep forever now. See ya tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Fried Chicken, Chris Carrabba, & America.

  1. kellynotkatie

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I wanted to go see Dashboard Confessional in Dallas SO BAD!!! My parent’s came in town and I didn’t think they would appreciate my high school emo music as much as I would. 🙂


    1. mallorycanteven Post author

      Aw man!! If it helps, he said during the show that he and the band really want to move to Dallas! He could have just been nice and trying to connect with of all of us, but I’m gonna take his word for it!


  2. A Splash of Mimosa

    I loved the Backstreet Boys movie! I saw them in a small venue in 2010 with my cousin and it was amazing. Then I saw them in 2011 with New Kids on the Block and they were even more amazing! Now I just want to see them with Kevin or else all I’m going to be is incompleeeeteeee. (I can’t believe that just happened)



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