#tbt VII

Hello, and welcome back to the absurdity that is my weekly Thursday post, #tbt! This week I come to you from the year 1995, when the r&b was at it’s finest, and when you heard the name “Kardashian” your immediate reaction was “The lawyer?” and not a blind rage. While I do not know a lot anything about football, I do believe this was the last year that the Dallas Cowboys were “good”. I say this because today’s photo is brought to you in part by a Super Bowl party my grandparents threw when Cowboys played, and my grandparents haven’t had a Cowboys Super Bowl party since. I think the Cowboys almost went to the Super Bowl a couple of years ago? I have no idea. I did not grow up watching football. Some people were raised on sports, I was raised on Cheers and Frasier because apparently my parents wanted less of a baby, and more of 45 year old Kelsey Grammer super fan.  If someone asks me “Do you like the Cowboys?” I would say, “They’re not my team!” I then immediately pray that they don’t follow up with “Well who is your team?” because I will most likely give them a fictional sports team (Go Bayside!) and run away nervously. However, let’s bring it back to a time when I was naive enough to love “America’s team” and proudly wear their fan gear. I was five, give me a break.



  • Dallas Cowboy’s t-shirt in what appears to be in a Adult Medium.
  • Track pants, because I was ready to be active at any time.
  • Tennis shoes, because of the same reason as the track pants.


  • Cut and style inspired by youngest boy sibling on Family Ties.



  • Demon red eyes courtesy of 90’s flash photography technology.


  • I watched a lot of Whitesnake music videos as a kid.


  • My Grandparent’s living room, but judging but the state of disarray and random books, I may have been in the basement of an abandoned library.

I have no idea who’s feet are behind me in the photo, but judging by the socks I’m going to assume it is my Grandpa. I think the foot photobomb, coupled with the confusing mess of books and pens lying around (was my family working on a round of Soduko during this game?) really ties this photo together. I promise if the Cowboys ever make it to another Super Bowl I’ll reenact this photo, but don’t hold your breath. Unless Jerry Jones uses his billions to replace football players with expert robots, but again, still no chance.


One thought on “#tbt VII

  1. coffeegrounded

    “Livin’ large!” Books galore and a winning score…

    The only way we will ever have another great Cowboy’s team is when we have a new owner and the only way that will happen is if the NFL Commissioner is replaced with someone brave enough to say, “Enough is enough!” And they have the guts to ban players that are druggies and thugs.

    In the meantime, let’s just watch reruns of Frazier.



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