July Stitch Fix Unboxing (#5)

It’s the most wonderful time of the month again! No not your student loan auto debit, it’s Stitch Fix time! I apologize for missing an unboxing review last month, but my box arrived a few days before I left for my California trip and I failed to take pictures of each piece I received, which is a shame because it was such a hit I kept every single item! If I post any photos of the items I received last month I’ll be sure to tag it as a Stitch Fix find so you can check it out. Now for any of you unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, take a look at this post and their website to get more acquainted, and don’t blame me when you have to re-budget your savings to accommodate this subscription service. It’s an awesome monthly (or you can opt for every 2-3 months) service that delivers clothes right to your door! Don’t like what you got? That’s cool just send it back (for free!). Sold yet? Awesome, feel free to use my referral code (4616190) and go crazy! Now without further a due, let’s review (you’re welcome for that cute little rhyme)!

  • Scribe Ruffle Front Blouse (Kept)
  • Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short (Kept)

blouse and shorts

I’m not sure if these were meant to be paired together, but I love the contrast between the bold green and the blue and white stripes! For starters, this blouse will be perfect for dressing up a simple summer outfit with the lace detail and ruffles in the front. The shorts are incredibly comfortable as I wore them on the drive down to Austin last weekend and are functional either dressing up or dressing down. My stylist noted that these shorts would be perfect for a Texas summer barbecue, but if that girl knew me she would know that I require a lobster bib and a hazmat suit when eating ribs.

  • June Polka Dot Skirt (Kept)
  • Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse (Returned)

polka dot skirt

I shared this one on Instagram last week, but this skirt makes me feel like I should fire someone, but in a good way. What I’m getting at is that this skirt makes me feel 20 feet tall and a lot more cooler and authoritative than I actually am. The sleeves were really tight, and it was Global Guts obstacle course trying to get that thing on and off. Plus this weirdly made me feel little like Jerry in his puffy shirt. Not really a look I’m trying to pull off right now.

jerry's pirate shirt

  • Christiana Skirt (Kept)

christiana skirt

Please see description for June Polka Dot Skirt. But seriously, pencil skirts are my new jam. I love dark teal pattern, and it adds a nice pop to the overall outfit. Thankfully it is also crazy comfortable, and unlike a lot of pencil skirts, doesn’t make me feel like I am wearing a giant Ace bandage around my waist.

I had asked for a pencil skirt in lieu of dress pants to wear to work, and I love the options I was given! Shout out to my stylist, Kimberly, for knocking it out of the park yet again! Next month I think I’ll be requesting a dress to wear for my birthday (August 23rd!), so you can catch me on Pinterest for the next month trying to find some inspiration. Are anyone of you subscribed to Stitch Fix? Let me know what you got in your box in the comments below!


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