#tbt VI

Hello and welcome to another edition of #tbt! In honor of the start of summer, I bring a photo from a classic Layfield family summer vacation. I believe the year was 1999, and my dad had a business trip to San Antonio, and decided to disguise as a vacation from bringing us a long and taking us to Sea World. In my defense I was 8, and this was pre Blackfish, so I’m sorry! If it helps it rained while we were there and I hated it. To make up for a disastrous theme park adventure, we also went to the famous San Antonio River Walk. I have absolutely no memory of this trip other than the photo that follows, but given my facial expression, it appears that I was having the time of my life.

tbt river walk


  • Plain white t-shirt with kitten and flower iron-on stickers courtesy of American Girl.
  • Glasses with a reflection stronger than Christina Aguilera’s contribution to Mulan.
  • But check out my sister’s super cool Dallas Star’s shirt! Don’t know what prompted her to wear an XXL, but it was 1999, and I don’t really remember that being a big year for form fitting styles.


  • A nice side swept bang.


  • For this look I opted for a “distressed flush” in the cheeks, and really focused on the brows so I could achieve a menacing, almost maniacally angry look.


  • Someone who was probably hating every second of this moment as much as I did.

I’m 90% sure my stank face stems from the fact that I was hungry and the boat ride was before dinner, but the other 10% of me knows that my angry teenager phase actually started at birth and that this was my face for most photos from 1990 to like the other day. As you can imagine, I was an absolute delight to be around.


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