Broke As A Joke Makeup Hacks

Hello and happy Wednesday! While I was getting ready for work yesterday and going about my normal makeup routine, I realized that I have a lot of weird makeup habits. First of which being, I always have to wipe down the bathroom counters before and after I apply my makeup (Howard Hughes alert, y’all), plus I always have to have music playing while I get ready. Weird habits aside, I also noticed I’ve collected a lot of cheap or multipurpose tools in my routine, and thought to myself, “Damn self, you thrifty as hell!” (in my head I am Donna Meagle) and then immediately wanted to share some of my makeup tricks with you. I’ll preface this with I am by no means a makeup pro (my winged eyeliner often looks as if it was done by a blind folded toddler), but these are just a few cheap tips and tricks I’ve picked up and thought I’d share.

  • Tip #1 : Cornstarch as a finishing powder


This is my favorite product to use in the summer because it does an amazing job of keeping my makeup in place all day, even if I’ve been outside and sweating. I normally tap a fluffy brush into the cornstarch, and tap the side of the container to remove any excess, and then blend the product into my cheeks, nose, and forehead. Don’t be alarmed if you end up looking a little dusty, just continue to blend in the product until it is no longer visible. Plus, it also provides a great mattifying effect as well!

  • Tip# 2: Coconut Oil for dewy skin


I’ve written a post before on the multipurpose wonder that is coconut oil, but I’ve also found recently that it works great at achieving a dewy finish. After I wash my face, I’ll dip the edge of a spoon to collect just the tiniest amount (can’t stress this enough. You barely need any at all), and then melt the product by rubbing it together in my hands. From there I apply to my face as it would a moisturizer, and then I will let it set into my skin for 30 seconds to a minute before I apply an SPF, and then my makeup. While I love that the coconut oil can illuminate my skin even underneath other products, I have found it is not very compatible if I am wearing any eye shadow or eyeliner, so I normally opt for this on days when I know my only eye makeup will be mascara.

  • Tip #3: Lipstick/Lip stain for cream blush substitute


If there is anything I am terrible at, it is applying powdered blush. I either apply not enough and look bland, or I apply too much and look like JigSaw



However, I have a heck of an easier time with cream blush. That being said, being the MacGyver that I am, I’ve been doubling up the usage on my lipsticks and stains as cream blush substitutes. The Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon (Color: Niagra Overlook) I have pictured above has been a favorite of mine this summer, both for lip color and cheeks! I apply it by drawing to small parallel lines on the apples of my cheeks. From there I’ll move  in small upwards motions with my ring finger until it blends into a natural flush. It is crazy quick and super easy, and a lot more forgiving than powdered blush!

  • Tip #4: Eyebrow Wax Relief

Okay, I realize this isn’t technically makeup related, but one could argue that eyebrow waxing is a cosmetic practice, so just roll with me here. If you’ve ever gotten your eyebrows waxed, or anything waxed for that matter, you know that it is not exactly a relaxing experience.

the 40 year old virgin

Not to mention, the waxed area is normally red and irritated for awhile, and when it’s on your FACE it can be a little troublesome covering up. Over the weekend I had my eyebrows done, and on the way home all I could think about was putting something cold on my face to relieve the redness and irritation. I had remembered hearing that yogurt is great at alleviating redness, not to mention it’s cold, so I put two and two together and made a face mask. Ingredients were simple, 1 tablespoon of plain greek yogurt, and a small drizzle of olive oil. I first made sure to gently wipe off the cream the woman at the salon had applied after the wax, and then I applied my DIY mask and let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. Voila! My ruby red eyebrows had faded to a slight pink, to mention my skin felt a lot less irritated.

I hope you enjoyed these and found them helpful! I have a few more up my sleeve, especially for summer, so let me know if you’d like to hear more! I’m off to a yoga class this evening, but I’ll catch you all tomorrow for another #tbt!


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