True Detective Season Bleh

Any long time readers (lol) of this blog will know that last spring I powered through the first season of True Detective and obsessively talked about it with anyone who had a pulse. Chances are, if you and I were in a room together last year, I was either asking you if you have seen the show, or forcing you to download HBO GO on your phone so you could start. Jake ended up not being a fan of it (we’re working on this), but thankfully my good friend Abby was crazy obsessed with the show as well, so i had someone to talk to share my pain when I finished the season and a mess over the finale. That being said, once plans for season two started to surface around this time last year I became wary of what route HBO would take. Would it take place in the same setting? Or even the same universe? And would they be able to recreate the chemistry between McConaughey and Harrelson with the new cast? It was at least confirmed that it would take place in the same universe, however in a completely different setting with completely different people. The new setting now takes place in Southern California, and the cast is now three person lead. HBO landed on these guys:


  • Colin Farrel (Remember Phonebooth lol)
  • Vince Vaughn (Sorry, what?)
  • Rachel McAdams (Still can’t make up my mind about you)
  • Taylor Kitsch (AKA Dude from Friday Night Lights)

I thought that since this was such a rag tag group of mildly decent actors (Y’all can’t tell you walked away from Alexander and thought, “Hmm yes, that was convincing!”) underneath the umbrella guaranteed success that is HBO, that maybe it just might work. Well, it uh, kind of did? I’ll be straight up with you guys, I have no idea what was going on in that premiere. Let me break down the episode by my train of thought.


  • Oh okay, loving this intro. Really cool. Seriously though, check it out.
  • Vince Vaughn, age has not been kind to you, nor has this makeup team.
  • Colin Farrel appears to be doing what he does best. Drinking a lot whilst being completely dead in the eyes. Why are you so angry? Oh I guess I have to watch 13 episodes before I find out.
  • Rachel McAdams I am loving that ombre! Wait, why are you so angry? Do I have to wait 13 episodes for that too?
  • Oh she’s angry because her family is stone cold pack of creeps. I get it.
  • Hey that’s that the guy from Friday Night Lights!
  • Well based off of his 6 lines of dialogue in this episode I guess I won’t be learning much about him tonight.
  • Damn Colin Farrell, you could really benefit from a relaxing retreat to Ojai like those ladies on RHOBH.
  • (And in the last fifteen seconds of the show) Is this the conflict? This? This?

That’s it! I honestly don’t feel like I am really giving anything away, because I wasn’t really given a lot to work with! I mean, will I stick it out and keep watching? Yes, of course. I know this may just be a slow start and it will pick up soon. I was just hoping I would have been completely enthralled and excited for the next episode. Right now I just feel like that hour I spent watching that episode could have been better spent managing my finances, reading the dictionary, or maybe just staring at the popcorn patterns on my ceiling. I’m giving you another shot, True Detective. Don’t let me down!

Let me know in the comments if any have you have watched the premiere and your thoughts on it as well!


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