Dinosaurs, Mustaches, and A Drunk Guy.

Hello, and happy Monday! Are you tired? I’m tired. I had to drop off my car at the shop before work this morning thanks to relentless tease that is my check engine light. Any time the smallest thing breaks my routine (especially during the work week) it throws me off my game for the rest of the day and it makes me super anxious or tired. That’s an endearing personality trait, right? Anyways, shout out to Jake for playing my personal Mr. Belvedere and chauffeuring me to and from work today. He is the best around.

  • Friday

damn okay chris pratt

Friday night Jake and I FINALLY saw Jurassic World, and it blew my freaking mind! I went in knowing that this movie was probably going to giant roundhouse kick to the face of action and suspense, and boy did it deliver! Also, because of this film, I’d like to pursue a career in “Dinosaur Fight Choreography.” I’m not sure if there is a really big demand for that particular trade, but after watching a bunch of dinosaurs go at each other like Jerry Springer guests before Steve gets involved, I am more than certain that this is my calling.

I don’t want to give the ending away, but I will say I fist pumped the air and for brief moment in time was quite certain I was no longer watching a movie, but rather a Pay-Per-View Dinosaur UFC fight. I was entertained from start to finish, and in my opinion it ends with a really awesome opportunity for a sequel, so I am psyched for that. If you are still apprehensive about seeing it,

Oh, and Chris Pratt. That was nice.

  • Saturday

must dash 5k

Saturday morning my dad and I ran the Must-Dash 5k for the third year in a row! This a father’s day themed race where participants are encouraged to wear ridiculous mustaches, or if able, sport your own! I love this particular race because the course is great for all skill levels, and you spend a good chunk running through a nature trail! Afterwards we were treated to cold wet towels (it was crazy humid), water bottles and other assorted treats. My dad and I didn’t stay very long for post race festivities due to the fact that we were overheated and looked like that Meltman from Action League Now.

Hey y'all just finished my run

Hey y’all just finished my run

After heading home and cleaning up I went and got my eyebrows done, and then came up with a super crafty face masque that helps alleviate the horror that is post eyebrow wax redness (look for that DIY recipe later this week)! Once all errands were completed, I finally got to start Orange is The New Black! Jake and I are about five episodes in right now, and I am loving it! I still use Piper scenes as bathroom or snack breaks, but other than that I am really enjoying everyone else’s story lines. I’m hoping I can actually pace myself this season and not completely obliterate it in one weekend, but I can’t make any promises *cough* House of Cards *cough*.

  • Sunday

My Sunday morning started off a usual with a early morning run, which ended up being a little over six miles. During my six miles, and all before 8:30 am I saw the following:

  • Five rabbits
  • A vulture eating roadkill
  • Some dude taking a sobriety test…at 7:30 am.

Obviously the sunrise sobriety test was the most exciting part. That being said, don’t drink and drive, no matter what time of day it is! It is obnxious enough to drink and drive, but at 7:30 in the morning? Come on, man. The rest of the day proved to be a lot less scandalous as it was spent celebrating Father’s Day at my Grandparent’s house. I ate like half of a watermelon so I guess that is mildly disturbing though.

I hope you all had a great weekend! And to get a discussion started, have any of you finished Orange is The New Black Yet? Oh! Better yet, much like my sobriety test witness, what is the most ridiculous thing have you stumbled upon while out and about?


One thought on “Dinosaurs, Mustaches, and A Drunk Guy.

  1. coffeegrounded

    A woman walking out of an establishment in Southlake. She appeared to be under the siege of a 200 mile-an-hour wind tunnel. I’ve since wondered whether or not she could eat anything without the aid of a straw. Her beauty had been chiseled off her face and all sorts of stretch and stitch had gathered her remaining flesh.



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