Friday Finds

Hello and happy Friday! By the time this posts I will be on my way to FINALLY seeing Jurassic World, or “Andy Dwyer vs The Jesus Horses” as I’m calling it. I have been dying to see this movie and it has been an emotionally trying time seeing my Facebook news feed filled with people checking in at Cinemark with dragon emojis while I was in California in a town that only has one movie theater, and with my family who hasn’t gone to a movie together since The Da Vinci Code. Here’s to hoping this movie will mess me up as much as it did in ’93 (side note, who let me watch this when I was 3???). Dinos aside, I’m also running the Must-Dash 5k with my Dad tomorrow. It’s Father’s Day themed race where everyone gets a fake mustache to wear, something I am all too familiar with.

Me, circa 2012.

Me, circa 2012.

I probably won’t wear my fake mustache during the run, because call me crazy, but I don’t love the smell or taste of melted adhesive while I’m exercising. Speaking of exercising, Jake is doing a bike race tomorrow! I think it’s 50 miles? 60? So, good luck to him and hope that his actual mustache holds up well during his ride. Okay enough talk about facial hair, let’s dig into some Friday Finds.

  • Floral Band Watch from The Mint Julep

mint julep watch

This online boutique is probably my new favorite thing in the world, and this week they nailed it again with not only the super cute watch I purchased, but their adorable mail packaging! Aside from Stitch Fix, this has been my go to shop for summer essentials. They have a wide array of styles, but what I love most is all of the colorful options! They cater to curvy, as well as maternity styles which I also love. Nothing irks me more than women’s retailers that only offer sizes ranging from 0-2. Who is your target demographic? A single sheet of computer paper? A really fashionable baby? Girl please. I digress. What I’m trying to say is that I am super into this store and I’m loving their stuff! Weird rant/compliment over.

  • Mallory’s Book of The Week – The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarity

the husband's secret

I have to be real with you guys, I totally gave up on The Rocks. I tried guys, I really did, and I normally am not one to see a book through, but I was so bored. That being said, the night before I left for California, I purchased The Husband’s Secret on my Nook so I would have an enjoyable read for the plane ride. I had read Three Sister’s by Moriarty last month and really enjoyed it, plus I had read PB Fingers review of THS and thought I’d give it a try. So far it has been a real page turner, and while I was early on guessing the husband’s “secret”, I am really interested in finding how this will play out. It’s so hard to give a synopsis of this book without accidentally letting a spoiler slip, but if you love scandal, mystery, and Australian slang, then this is the book for you!

  • Having nothing to do this weekend so I can finally watch Orange is The New Black!


Along with Jurassic World, I am also behind on watching season 3 of Orange is The New Black! This is one of those “You can’t watch this without me” shows I have with Jake, so we’ve been waiting till this weekend before finally starting it. I’ve only heard good things about this season, so I’m assuming that means less Piper. I’m kidding. But really she is the worst. My favorite character is a toss up between Taystee and Red, and I love their story lines. I’m so excited to learn more about the other characters we have yet to receive a back story on, so that’s added bonus with this season as well! Also, doesn’t this mean Daya has her baby this season?? Oh god the anticipation of all this drama is killing me. Who is your favorite character? And if it’s Piper, what is wrong with you???

That’s it for me! Come back Monday for a Jurassic World review that will probably just 500 exclamation points in a row. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. kellynotkatie

    Girl. You will LOVE this season of OITNB. I stayed up way too late this week watching it when I got home from work. Piper is STILL the worst, so prepare yourself for that. I love… all of them! 🙂



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