You Probably Don’t Know…

Helene in Between

Happy Thursday, party people! Today I am linking up with Helene for her “You Probably Don’t Know…” prompt. I’m known for not being the most revealing person in the world, so there’s probably a great deal you don’t know about me already! The most you’ve probably gathered from this blog is that I was an unfortunate looking child, and I am weirdly obsessed with monthly subscription boxes. Well, allow me to reintroduce myself and enjoy these weird “about me” facts…

      • I am the WORST at math, like tragically bad at it. Need to me calculate the tip at restaurant? Well give me five minutes to download an app that does it for me and you got it! My entire academic career I was always the kid in the “special” math class, and by that I mean they would send like five us down to another room and work on 6 x 4 for like half an hour. I always hoped that as I got older I would get better at it, but sadly I’m pretty sure I only got worse. Thanks for nothing, BRAIN.
      • I went my whole life saying that I hated avocados, up until like two years ago when I finally tried one and then my whole world opened up.
      • I have already asked off work for December 18th so I can attend the midnight premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
      • I love to run, but try as I might I cannot run after work. I can do any other form of cardio, but I crap out after half mile if I try running in the evening.
      • I’d rather answer the door to a group of relentless Jehovah’s Witnesses than eat anything with onions on it.
      • Would now be a good time to talk about how I love documentaries or books about serial killers? No? Okay.
      • I don’t consider myself to be a social person. Whether it be when I was in school, or when I’m at work, I normally keep to myself. I realize this probably makes me come off like the office weirdo, but so would me talking to a group of people and revealing the fact I listed above. Can’t win ’em all!
      • I didn’t get my ears pierced till I was 20 years old. It was at a Claire’s…
      • My dream dog is a St. Bernard, and if I do ever get one someday it will be a girl and her name will be Louise and we will be best friends.
      • I played the flute for seven years, and yet I still have absolutely no concept of keeping time or rhythm. J.K. Simmons’ character in Whiplash would have probably committed a murder suicide out of sheer frustration had he been my band director.
      • There’s some statistic out there about how the average person touches their face like 20 times day, but due to growing up with the worst skin of all time, I’m pretty the only time I am touching my face is if I am washing it. I never touch my face, and super hate if others try to. Not that a lot of people are approaching me and are like “LET ME FEEL YOUR SKIN” but you get the gist.
      • I once dated someone who didn’t know who George Harrison was and I’m not really proud of that.
      • My secret shame is that I can, have and will watch all day marathons of True Life. Not proud of that one either…

Well that about sums me up! I love me a good link up and this one was super fun, so a round of applause for you, Helene! Be sure to check out her blog for her post, as well as everyone else’s who participated!


10 thoughts on “You Probably Don’t Know…

  1. A Splash of Mimosa

    Math was never my strong point either. When I do percentages I always do it in 10s. So if there’s a 30% off sale, to figure out the discount, I have to take 10% off three times. Or I just ask the salesgirl, “excuse me, how much is this?”
    I wish MTV would re-air True Life: I’m Getting Married. I looooved that episode. While we’re talking about “vintage” MTV, would it kill them to air Rich Girls and the first season of Sorority Life? I feel like I’m dating myself.


    1. mallorycanteven Post author

      Sorority Life oh my god! Man, what gem early 2000’s MTV programming was. Every now and then they’ll do a block of “vintage” MTV but it’s always Laguna Beach or The Hills and I’m like yo this on Hulu give me something good! True Life: I’m a Staten Island Girl is probably my favorite. The best one hour train wreck I have ever seen.

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  2. coffeegrounded

    Math? Every afternoon thru second and third grade I had to stay after school for tutoring. In fifth grade myself and one other student spent a whole month of lunch hours sequestered in class as our patient teacher tirelessly fought to get us to understand the foibles of multiplication/division of fractions. Finally, Amy (my equal in dumbness) cleverly decided we’d start forgetting to bring our lunches. Mrs. Woolsey? Not a problem. She donated her wheat bread, cheese sandwich with mayo. Sounds gross, I know, but it was food. We ate it and trudged forward.

    Jr. Year I flat out failed Algebra, requiring me to double up on math classes my senior year. I actually studied over the summer and made straight A’s all the way thru. My business math class was a joke. A room of two girls and the ROTC boys. I’ve never been bribed with so much candy, gum, Coca-Cola and even firecrackers.
    “Here M., fill in the answers and name your treat. Sad, but true. The instructor just jostled with the guys and talked hunting and fishing. We two girls could have written anything down, but vanity kept us going. I think we thought we’d end up marrying some war officer, a pilot, instead we walked away twenty pounds heavier with addictions to Sugar Babies, Junior Mints and bottle rockets.


  3. Samantha Rose

    Omg I am the worst at math, too! I’m trying to study for the GRE right now and I just cannot handle the math portion. Side note, your Jehovah’s Witness comment kills me hahaha. Love your blog!


    1. mallorycanteven Post author

      Good to know I’m not alone in the math department! I swear sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on Earth who is like “hold up y’all gotta google what 20% is off off these pair of pants.” Oh, and good luck on your GRE!


    1. mallorycanteven Post author

      Yes, and I loved it! I was hoping after it was released it would have reopened the reinvestigation, but I haven’t heard anything. I totally believe the author though!



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