Where Are You Nick Parker? : California Trip Pt II

Hello and happy Wednesday my friends! It is currently raining (AGAIN) here, and I am like 90% certain I am coming down with a cold. While I didn’t keep a tally, I’m gonna ballpark it and say I sneezed upwards of 20 times today. My face is also starting to feel like a heating pad. All signs point to SICK.


In exciting news though, my department at work was treated to a free Chipotle meal courtesy of our managers! The guac momentarily lifted my spirits, until I sneezed so hard I may have gone back in time. Here’s to chugging water and vitamin C for the rest of the week! Anyways, while I continue to deteriorate physically, why not continue my California recap? Catch up on Part I here.

Day Three:

Saturday morning I was able to log a few miles on my sister’s treadmill (that has built in FANS), and then going on a hike with my sister’s dog, my dad, and Jake.


Sadly, we did not see any deer, just a bunch of campers. Once we got home and cleaned up, we headed over to my brother-in-law’s cousin’s birthday party, and then headed to Napa to check out my sister’s job/pick her up from work.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Napa is fancy, y’all! Also, a quick Google search showed that the vineyard used for Dennis Quaid’s place in the Parent Trap was only like 10 minutes away, but apparently I am the only who cared enough to want to go/wanted to see if the evil almost step-mom was lurking the premises.



Also, is anyone else still super skeeved out at the scene where Meredith almost swallows a lizard? That is probably the most unsettling scene in the history of film for me, and I’ve willingly watched Audition.

After not seeing anything Parent Trap related, we ate dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant. I had just eaten at Esparza’s the week prior, so the memory of knockout Mexican dining was still fresh on my mind. This place was not as great Esparza’s (is anything??), but it was nice to eat outside on the patio and feel important because I was having dinner in Napa.

Day Four:

Day four we all got down to business and finally drank. We visited Chacewater Winery and Olive Mill for some wine tasting and it was amazing!


We sampled 13 different wines, as well as a selection of their olive oils! I walked away with the favorite being the Organic Sauvignon Blanc. We were also introduced to the unlikely pair of vanilla ice cream drizzled with blood orange olive oil, which was so mind blowing I still can’t articulate into words how amazing it was.

After getting good and toasted at the winery, we headed over to Kelsey Creek Brewing for some beer samples!

kelseyville brewing

I think I have mentioned this before, but I’m not really huge on beer. Beer is ultra filling to me, and I can only drink half of one before I feel like I have be pushed on my side and rolled away like Violet after she eats that janky roast beef gum in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. That being said, I actually really enjoyed their beer and ended up ordering (and finishing, I might add) a pale ale! I also drunkenly bought a hat, but out of all the drunk decisions I could have made, I suppose purchasing a hat is the best I could have done.

Day Five:

Unfortunately I don’t have much to recap on this day given that it was spent traveling back home. However, while we were stuck on the tarmac after landing in DFW (couldn’t have been there longer than 20 minutes), one woman hopped up and walked towards the front of the plane and demanded she be let off because she had a connecting flight. After a stewardess politely advised the woman that she could not be up while the seatbelt warning was on, nor could she really do anything about it, the woman proclaimed something along the lines of not caring, and that she was important and had a flight to catch. She eventually pulled it together and sat down, but I had never seen anyone act up on a plane before, so I was LOVING it! I am sucker for stories about self righteous dumbos, especially self righteous dumbos on the flights, so if you have a story please share in the comments!

Well folks, that was the trip! Compelling stuff. Be sure to head back tomorrow because I am forgoing the normal #tbt post for linkup sponsored by Helene In Between! Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! Try to not catch my cold, please.


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