~*~Myspace Survey~*~

Hello friends, and happy Friday! I am currently in California right now and am writing this on a Tuesday, so I can’t deliver a Friday Finds as normal. In the meantime, when thinking of post ideas, I remembered an old past time of mine and wondered if it still exists on the internet. Turns out, THEY DO. What I am referring to here is Myspace surveys. If you are unfamiliar with Myspace, either go Wikipedia it, or consult with anyone between the ages of 21-35. The Myspace surveys were ridiculous questionaires you could post in what was known as a “bulletin” (I feel like history professor trying to explain this), and were more often than not used as a passive way to draw attention to yourself. Oh what a time to be alive. When filling this out I realized that all of my answers could still work had I taken this in 2005. So glad to see that I’ve grown so much!


1) What’s their names?
1. Jake
2. Natalie

2) Do you trust them?
1. More than in anything in world, Ron.
2. Yes, she’s a pal and a confidant!

3) Where did you meet?
1. Neither of us remember, but I’m 95% certain it was in the band hall (high school).
2. On the bus to a yearbook conference my sophomore year of high school (NERD ALERT)

4) How old were you when you met?
1. 16
2. 15

5) Is this person one of your good friends?
1. He’s the best. ArRrrrroUND.
2. *insert more lyrics to Golden Girls theme song here*

6) Where does this person live:
1. Yeah let me just give the internet their address
2. That makes sense

7) Is this person older than you?
1. No, I am currently Mrs. Robinson-ing him by 3 months.
2. Yes

8) When is the last time you saw them?
1. Sunday
2. Oh god. I can’t even remember. A couple of months ago I think?

9) When is the last time you talked to them?
1. Last night.
2. Last night.

10) Are you related to this person?
1. Dear god I hope not
2. Nope, but I consider her to be my sister!

11) Would you do anything for this person?
1. Meh
2. Duh!

13) Are you their b/f or g/f?
1. lol
2. Please see question #10 part II

14) Do you have nicknames for each other?
1. Champ
2. Forney and Novalee

15) Do you have pics of this person on your myspace?
1. Um, I’d check, but I have no idea what my e-mail and password was in 2004.
2. It was probably something dumb or Avril Lavigne related (so, something dumb).

16) How many times do you talk to this person in a week?
1. Everyday
2. Everyday

17) Do you think this person will repost this?
1. um probably*~*~
2. Guys, it’s 2015.

18) Could you live with this person?
1. No. Never. Ew. Gross. No.
2. We will live in a giant mansion together when we are old.

19) Do u Love this person?
1. Wow invasive
2. Excuse me

20) Could you party together?
1. Everyday.
2. Everyday.

Well that was a trip. Can I please make this a regular thing? In fact, can we all bring back Myspace surveys? I’d much rather read this junk then hear about my cousin’s on-and-off deadbeat boyfriend on Facebook everyday. I’ll work on making this cool again. In the mean time, I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll catch you Monday with another already scheduled, but I’ll be back in business on Tuesday! Wanna follow me in real time? Stalk me! Just kidding. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates on my California adventures!


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