The Inescapable Hell That is Packing Pt. 2

Hello and welcome back to another edition of me attempting to pack for my trip to California, but ultimately resigning to watch YouTube videos instead! Today I am tackling the beast that is choosing outfits, and attempting to fit them all into one suitcase. I should mention that I have less of a suitcase, and more of an over sized cross-body bag littered with tiny purple elephants. I’m an adult! Here’s what all I need (oh and to preface this I am doubling up workout gear as pajamas. Space saver!).



  • Thursday night PJs/workout gear
  • Friday outfit (OOTD for brother-in-law’s graduation)
  • Friday night PJs/workout gear
  • Saturday outfit
  • Saturday night PJs/workout gear
  • Sunday outfit
  • Sunday night PJs/workout gear
  • Monday travel home outfit



  • Toiletries
  • Books I’m bringing for my sister
  • Hair straightener
  • Small bag to store dirty laundry

Again, I feel like I’m forgetting something. My main concern is that I’ll rush through choosing outfits and get there and find I’ve packed nothing but t-shirts and roll up to my brother-in-law’s graduation and be like, “Oh, so the dress code isn’t ‘Unemployed casual’?” Also, I’m taking most of my Stitch Fix items from this month as part of my outfits, so hopefully I can get some OOTDs there and then put together my May review sometime next week! Ah, well I’m off to pack, wish me luck! Also, expect some previously scheduled posts Thursday, Friday, and Monday. I’ll be back Tuesday with I’m sure a million photos and tons to talk about!


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