The Inescapable Hell That is Packing Pt. 1

Why hello there. You might be asking yourself, “Mallory, what’s with the scary blog title today?” Well viewer, I am currently packing for a five day trip to California and I am about to lose my mind (obligatory: up in here, up in here). I hate packing. It’s probably because I don’t travel often so I haven’t gotten good at it (yet!). No matter how many beauty guru YouTube videos, or Pinterest boards I frequent, I just can’t master the clutter free suitcase. That being said, I am going to turn this around and achieve my dream of being a well organized traveler once and for all (I have small dreams). It can’t be that hard, right? Today I figured I’d tackle the least daunting of all the tasks, the carry-on. Let’s see how this plays out.


What I’m Taking

  • Wallet
  • iPhone
  • iPhone charger
  • A Camelbak full of gin
  • Chapstick
  • Nook
  • Hair ties/bobby pins
  • Hit Clips Player
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses
  • My cat, and closest confidant, Gilbert
  • (Will purchase after going through TSA/3rd base with a stranger) Water Bottle

That’s reasonable, right? As always, I feel as if I am forgetting something (the gin, obviously), but think this will do. Feel free to share any of your Airplane Hacks (Phrasing, Mallory. Phrasing) or travel tips in the comment section!


2 thoughts on “The Inescapable Hell That is Packing Pt. 1

  1. BeYouniqueByCarmen

    Reblogged this on Freckled Face Makeup Mama and commented:
    As I get ready to take my first flight in August to travel to Chicago for the Younique Convention I will be all over the packing and traveling craziness!!!! I’m so excited, yet the packing, the rules, the flight is quite taunting and scary, BUT 8’m so looking forward to the adventure with my “Partner in Crime” Lanie!!!! Going to be an amazing 5 days!!




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