#tbt IV

Hello and welcome to another edition of #tbt! I had originally chosen another awkward school photo today, until I checked my TimeHop app this morning and discovered this treasure.

oh god

That’s right, it has been seven years since my last day of high school. If I remember correctly, the only class I had to show up to that day was band, and (like usual) we didn’t do anything, and then afterwards my best friend and I went to Sonic and then went swim suit shopping at Old Navy. What a day! So in honor of this ridiculous anniversary, I thought I would scrounge up the most ridiculous high school era photo of me I could find. So without further a due…



  • Yo! MTV Raps t-shirt
  • Jeans shorts OVER leggings
  • Reeboks no socks
  • Kanye (circa 2008) glasses


  • 2008 Band field trip to New York City.


  • The only style acceptable in 2008, which was flat ironing straight until your hair basically a sheet against your face (or in my case, hay).


  • Probably a bucket of Clinique Acne Solutions foundation
  • Chap stick I bought from the Hershey store in New York (it smelt like chocolate!!)


  • Another friend (who cropped out to save her the humiliation) and I thought it would be hilarious to wear ridiculous outfits all day. Also keep in mind that Jake asked me out for the first time (we would later break up after two weeks, which is basically six years high school time so I consider it a success) while I wore this outfit, so I’d like it’s what sealed the deal (according to Jake: No).

Oh high school, what a (insert believable adjective here) time had by all! Also, I still have those Reeboks and YO! MTV Raps shirt, so I think I’ve got mine and Jake’s anniversary date outfit covered this year.


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