Running Jamz

Running Day

Hello and Happy National Running Day! I hope you have a chance today to celebrate accordingly, by well, running! If not don’t fret, maybe just go for a walk, or online shop for shoes…I’m pretty sure that counts. I’ll be celebrating by heading out to a social run with my dad with the running group we normally run with on the weekends. It’ll be a little toasty by 6 pm, so I’m thinking I’ll only log about 3-4 miles, but we’ll see! In the meantime I thought I’d share some of my favorite selections from my running playlist! Beware: several painfully embarrassing guilty pleasure songs lie ahead.

  • Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

I will not apologize for loving this song, because it is outrageously catchy and anything that samples Baby Got Back is automatic gold in my book. Oh, and if you haven’t already, you MUST watch this video of a dance studio’s choreographed routine to this. I think about it every time this song comes up on my run and it makes me sad that I’ll never be able to be 1.) that cool 2.) have any sort of rhythm or dance talent.

  • Lonesome Day -Bruce Springsteen

The Boss. That’s all.

  • Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Jefferson Starship

This song perfectly encapsulates the inspiring pop rock jams of the 80’s. I tend to laugh out loud whenever it comes on shuffle, plus it also makes me think of the only good scene from The Skeleton Twins.

  • Roar – Katy Perry

I still can’t up my mind on how I feel about Katy Perry as a person (girl you gotta stop dating that dumpster raccoon of a dude, John Mayer), but this song is about as inspiring as watching a rocket ship take off, or a three legged golden retriever singing the National Anthem. I have never witnessed either of those events, but I imagine that they would be life changing and make me a better person.

  •  New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

This song mostly makes me think about the Ronan Farrow and Woody Allen debacle. I wish Frank was still alive so this could be sorted out on an episode of Maury. (For fun: Google a side by side photo of Frank and Ronan and try and tell me Woody Allen is the father)

  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go – One Direction

I’m gonna be straight up with you. I love One Direction. I mean, I’m not purchasing 1D charm bracelets from Claire’s (YET), but they are all over my playlists. Man do they deliver on the boy band pop jamz. My best friend got to meet them once and said they were all pretty boring and hungover in real life. I don’t have anything to follow that, just thought you should know.

  • Jump Around – House of Pain

I automatically associate this song with the birthday party scene in Mrs. Doubtfire. That scene always made me angry because I just wanted Sally Field’s character to calm down. So what if a shetland pony is eating your begonias?! They’ll grow back! Matthew Lawrence only turns 13 once, and Robin Williams (RIP) worked really hard on that party! Besides, Matilda and the boring older sister* were having a great time, and think you were being a bit harsh too.

*I obviously cannot remember the character’s names from this movie.

  • S Club Party – S Club 7

Sometimes I feel like my sister and I are the only people in the world who have heard of S Club, because there have been several occasions where I have brought them up in conversation (more like, all of my conversations), and I’m often met with a lot of “Huh?”, “Who?”, or “Ma’am, this is a bank.” I don’t think S Club made more than two albums, but they did have a show on Fox Family (what is now ABC Family, otherwise known as “365 Days of Christmas”), that was both tragic and amazing. I remember there was one episode where one of the band members got into an accident and suffered from sort of speech problem for like a week and it was supposed to be funny, but it scared the begeezus out of me. Thanks S Club!

Told you that was an embarrassing list! Feel free to share some of your jamz, and I hope you all have a great National Running Day!!

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