Friday Finds

Hello and happy Friday! Thankfully this week breezed by thanks to the Monday holiday, but as always, I am ready for the weekend. Tomorrow morning my Dad and I’ll be running a race hosted by a local brewery, otherwise known as the T.A.P 5K. They had to change the course due to the excessive amount of flooding this area has received over the past couple of weeks, so it will interesting to see how creative the race directors had to get in order to avoid the race turning into a mini Iron Man. Other than that I don’t have much else this planned this weekend, so I am looking forward to a lot of reading and relaxing! Until then, let’s round up some favorites from the week.

  • Power outage and board games


On Monday evening we experienced a bit of a power outage, so instead of sitting around and staring at each other, Jake and I decided to bust out The Game of Life, otherwise known as “Debt: The Board Game.” Jake and I often play the Life app on his phone whenever we go out to eat (because we are in preschool I guess) and over time, have added our own rules to the game:

  • When you get married, you must choose a celebrity. Jake often opts for Emily Blunt, while I tend to bounce between Amy Poehler and Jude Law, and one occasion, Gérard Depardieu.
  • You have to name the kids something ridiculous.
  • If you land on the “sue the next player” piece, you must provide an elaborate backstory as to why you are filing a lawsuit.

I will say I wish Life would update the game to more modern day troubles. Lord knows a marriage to Jude Law wouldn’t last forever, (especially if we had a babysitter!) so divorce would inevitably be an option. Also, I think “Give a TED talk” would be a great Life tile piece. Hit me up, Milton Bradley!

  • Lace Your Love Tank from The Mint Julep
Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Sound the alarm I’ve got a new favorite clothing store! I recently discovered the online boutique, The Mint Julep, and I am in love. In order to prepare for the summer, and the fact that none of my shorts fit any more (make up your mind, hips!!!), I ordered a pair of soft shorts, and stumbled upon this top while I was browsing. I love the lattice detail, and I can’t wait (once this GD rain goes away) to wear this with shorts! I love the shorts I ordered from them as well, but I’ll feature them on day when I can actually wear them, given that is currently monsoon season over here and I have to pair everything with a dumpy rain jacket.

  • Mallory’s Book of The Week – You Deserve A Drink by Mamrie Hart


In my mind, where I am super important, friends with celebrities, and host dinner parties in a lavish New York City apartment, Mamrie Hart is my best friend and bar tends all of my events. Mamrie, famous for her hilarious YouTube channel, You Deserve A Drink, where she serves up cocktails themed around current events or famous people/train wrecks, released a book this week, and it is for lack of a better term, freakin’ amazing. As an avid YDAD watcher (surely there is a more eloquent term for this, but I am too lazy to pull up, I knew going in that this book would be a witches brew of inappropriate puns, boozy related mishaps, and farts. As luck would have it, this book has all three and more! Aside from David Sedaris’ work (my fav author btw), no other book has made me laugh out loud multiple times. I highly recommend this to anyone who already a fan of Mamrie, or anyone loves a good embarrassing story tied in with an alcoholic beverage recipe (which is everyone, I think).

  • Still not a favorite – Rain

Dear Texas Weather,

Look, I get it. You’ve always been as reliable as Forever 21 clothing after one wash, or Fox programming, which is never. I know by now that as long as I am here I will never know what a “season” looks like, or a summer that is anything less than 110 degrees, but you have got to work with me here. I am so sick of this rain. We all are. I am speaking for everyone because I am the voice of the people, and because well, this is my blog and I do what I want. We are less than a week away from June, and I should be in shorts with a margarita in my hand right now, but instead I am in jeans and it is not warm enough for anything frozen, so THANKS. Not to mention you have caused a lot of damage for a lot of people, and that’s not cool. And not just people, but animals too! Just this morning I saw a baby ocelot in the parking lot at work and I can only assume he was there because he was flooded out of his den, or he is trying log more steps on his FitBit I don’t know. All I’m saying is that you need to cool it with this rain. Thank you for listening.

Seacrest out,


Well that wraps up this week! I hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully you are lucky and staying dry somewhere! I shall catch you all on Monday with a race recap, provided that I have not built a submarine and living underwater by then.


3 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. coffeegrounded

    Don’t forget we have three cans of Off. I think that should be enough perfume to last you until next payday.

    Oh, would you like your galoshes back? I’ve completed the trenching in the backyard.

    One last thing, you can borrow my ‘hair net’ style hairspray. I’m seeing Jack on Wednesday.


  2. coffeegrounded

    Reblogged this on CoffeeGrounded's Blog and commented:
    She’s at it again…besides, all of my photos show flooding, dying flowers and a very sad pup. She would love to romp and play, but all the pine and hay in her run path is inches under water. We’ve already had one bath this past week. Yes, WE is the operative word. I was digging trenches toward the French drains, hacking at tree root branches for clearing and too busy to keep up with Hannah’s antics. At one point I did happen to notice she resembled, Bullseye, the Target doggie. Resuming work, I became obsessed with my engineering project. Completing the dam and the two trenches, I was ready to call it a day. I called for Hannah and was not prepared for what I would discover: A yellow Lab had miraculously turned into a chocolate one.

    Back to that bath. It was actually a shower and the two of us indulged in a cucumber and mint, dog shampoo, lengthy spa treatment.

    Dang stuff costs more than my brand, but I think I’ve killed all of my fleas. Maybe it’s time I took another treatment. So minty fresh, and the cucumber helped eliminate those bags from under my eyes.



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