#tbt III

Hello and welcome to another edition of #tbt! Today I branching out of the school photos, and into “Mom photography”, otherwise known as photos of my sister and I pretending to like each other. Today’s photo is look back on the day (I think) we dropped my sister off for college. The year was 2002, and I was in the seventh grade. To preface this photo, it is important to note that in this stage of my life I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne. Like, obsessed. This will become wildly apparent to you in just a moment.

7th grade


  • Shirt: Black and white camouflage Avril Lavigne fan club shirt. Underneath my crossed arms you would have found a skull and crossbones. #hxc
  • Jeans: White washed FLARED denim from Old Navy probably


  • L’Oreal strawberry blonde hair dye so I could look exactly like…you guessed it…Avril.


  • Tinted moisturizer two shades too light.
  • Grimace brought to you in part by being 12 and hating everything.


  • Annie Lebo…Mom.

Not pictured:

  • The cliff I was about to walk off of because I was so sick of my family.

Ah being a pre-teen in the early 2000’s, what a time to be alive! A special shout out to my family for not forcing me through a garbage disposal, despite what a trash monster jerk I currently am was for that year. I just wish someone could have told me that in ten years time Avril Lavigne would be about as reputable as a cruise boat Motown group and married to Chad Kroeger so I could have joined a cooler fan club. Granted being 2002, my only other option would have been Nickelback, so there is really no way out of that one.


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