#tbt II

On this week’s edition of #tbt, I bring you my 1st grade school photo, or rather my best school photo. This photo would be last year until the 9th grade that I was not hidden behind my Wolf Blitzer styled glasses, or a mess of metal and rubber bands in my mouth. What is strange to me is that I remember not only having to take this photo, but my class was also corralled into a Happy Days style shoot where we were to pose next to juke box and a letter-man’s jacket. We were six. I’ll have dig up that photo for another time…

First Grade


  • Shirt: Most likely Ross.
  • Black jumper with a PLEATHER heart in the center: Also Ross
  • Silver heart necklace: Neil Lane
    • Correction: 25 cent machine outside of a Walmart


  • Mom
  • Bangs appear to have been styled by a wood chipper.


  • Post recess glow

I distinctly remember wearing the begeezus out of that black jumper and it being my defining fashion piece of 1996. Also, take note of those sweet belt buckles on the straps. I could not have looked more early 90’s Jane magazine if I tried. I especially the one missing tooth in the front, and if I remember correctly, I was crazy proud that it would be featured in this photo. Little did I know that I was on my way into years of teeth pulling, oral surgery, braces, and retainers! Had I known what I know now, I probably would have been wearing one of those mouth guards MMA fighters wear during their fights here.


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