Stream of Consciousness Vol. II

Hello, and happy Wednesday! Guess who didn’t have a post planned for today? This girl! Last night one of my good friends came over, so I didn’t go ahead and plan out an idea the night before like I normally do, nor could I really come up with anything interesting for today. I just got home and cleaned up from yoga, and I’m feeling like doing another Stream of Consciousness-ish post, so here goes…

  • I ran into one of my oldest friends at yoga tonight and now we are going to start going to yoga together! Yoga buddies!
  • Tomorrow is Thursday, which means the day after is Friday, which means the start of my three day weekend.
  • There wasn’t anything to eat for dinner so I dipped carrots in spicy ranch. I am almost 25.
  • I restarted Gilmore Girls again the other day. This is probably my 5th time going through the show and I wish I could just start new shows instead like the rest of the world.
  • I recently got to the episode where Jess is introduced and I am about to get angry all over again.
  • Angry because Rory should have ditched Logan and gotten with Jess when they were in Phila…you know what I can’t.
  • Now I’m watching the Miranda Sings episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
  • Oh my tea is ready!


I’m off to drink my tea and watch an uncomfortable interview between Jerry and Miranda. See you tomorrow, party people. Also, feel free to chime on who you think Rory should have ended up with. Dean? Jess? Logan? Life partners with Paris? We’ll never know.


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