Dave Matthews, Bubbles, Carnies, and Annie.

Hello, and happy Monday! I’m pretty sure I slept walk through today because I am so tired and out of it. In fact I was so out of it, then when I got work and looked in the bathroom mirror, I realized I had used red-brown eyeliner (as opposed to black that I normally use), so that was a great look. Oh well, now I’m home and my sewer rat makeup is off. I am exhausted due to the fact that I had a jam packed weekend, full of concerts, carnivals, and running! Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Friday

I'm a professional concert photographer.

Friday evening Jake and I trekked to the hell on earth that is Fair Park in Dallas to go see his pretend boyfriend, Dave Matthews. Before we even got inside the venue we saw a girl (who I swear could not have been older than 17), get escorted out by what looked like her mom and friend because she was MTV Spring Break levels of wasted. Then not two seconds later we saw two girls get into a fight and were escorted out by two cops. Oh and later we saw a boyfriend and girlfriend get into a fight, and it almost turned physical before four dudes intervened and broke it up. Who knew that Dave brought out the worst in people? I personally am now well acquainted with the DMB library, so I just hung out with my $8 wine and watched Jake enjoy himself.

You were overpriced as hell, but man were you good.

  • Saturday

Saturday morning I woke up early to get in a short run to start the day. Thankfully the rain held off, and I saw a roadrunner and a bunny on my route! I squeezed in a little over 5.5 miles, before heading home to get ready for the Bubble Run 5k with Jake! I will warn you now that Jake and I did not bother to take silly “before and after” shots because we were fed up with the race before it even started.

  1. Even though I already paid the registration fee, we were charged an additional $10 once we got to the race. I’ll need to scour the fine print again, but never in my all my life, or the 50+ races I have participated in have I ever had to pay an extra fee after already signing up. Garbage.
  2. The bubble stations were placed along a dirt trail, so immediately after releasing the bubbles, you immersed in muddy soapy water. Delightful.
  3. We were outnumbered by maniacal toddlers.
  4. The race was overcrowded and we waited in a line about a half mile long before getting to the start.
  5. Only one water stop, and they had run out of water by the time we got there.

So yeah, all in all, not a great time. Let’s move on to later that afternoon when things got more enjoyable.


Main Street Days! Jake and I met up with some friends around 5 pm and hung out till a little after 9, and had so much fun! Jake got his craft beers, and I sampled a couple of wines while walking around and checking out all of the vendors. Once the sun had set we made our way over to the games and rides.

Main Street Days

As you can see from the above photo, I really know my way around a gun. I will have you know that I shot one cup off of the wall and won myself a fuzzy dice, so I think I’ve found my calling. Rip off games aside, we also rode on a ride that spins you upside down multiple times (which is SO much fun if you all have in your stomach is wine and turkey burger), and the ferris wheel. Oh Main Street Days, I wish you were every weekend.

  • Sunday

I kept it pretty low key on Sunday and stayed in the majority of the day. I did manage to do hair and face masque, cleaned my bathroom, and watched Con Air, so I made sure to attend to get all of the important things done. A little later my best friend, Stefan, and I made our way to the Winspear Opera House in Dallas to see St. Vincent perform with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra!

St. Vincent & DSO

If you are unfamiliar with St. Vincent, ring leader Annie Clark is essentially what would happen if a Disney Princess was buried in Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery, and came back as a genius musician. A truly ethereal voice, coupled with a sometimes discordant, sometimes jazzy, sometimes rock, sometimes pop style. Basically she can do it all, but what’s more enjoyable is her stage presence, which I can only describe as an angel descending from heaven, and a malfunctioning robot. I’m doing a terrible job of trying to describe her, but just let the take away be that she is amazing, and the concert was easily one of the best I have ever attended in my life. She didn’t perform this last night, but let me leave you with my favorite song of hers.

And that was my insanely busy weekend. Both living it and recapping it proved to be exhausting, so I’m gonna call it a night and go to bed! I hope you all had a great weekend, and I shall see you again tomorrow.


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