May Stridebox Unboxing

Hey party people, it’s time for another Stridebox review! My box was waiting for me when I got home from work last night, and I must say this month’s box was pretty cool! It seems like the general motif for this box was “recovery.” I think you’ll see what I mean when I preview the samples. As always, feel free to grab your own box by heading over to the Stridebox website, and if you’re still a little apprehensive, check out some of my past reviews and see if that changes your mind! Now, let’s unbox…

Stridebox Review

This month’s box included:

  • Bounce – Natural Energy Ball – Cacao Mint (Thanks to Portlandia, I lost it at “Cacao”)
  • Glukos – Energy Gel – Orange
  • GU Energy – Chews – Strawberry
  • Osmo Nutrition – Active Hydration – His and Hers
  • Vita Perk – Vitamin Coffee Boost
  • Tiger Balm – Pain Relieving Patch – One Size
  • Stridebox – Massage and Recovery Ball

I am most pumped about trying:

Massage Recovery Ball

Is it weird that I am most excited about a foot massage ball? I actually used to have one very similar to this, but lost it somewhere (and by lost it, it rolled behind something in my closet), but these little things are super helpful for tired and sore feet! They are also great if you’ve been wearing uncomfortable shoes all day (i.e. this would all shoes for me. Thanks caveman feet!) and your feet hate you.

I am ALSO pumped about trying:

Tiger Balm

If there’s anything I need most in my life, it’s a chiropractor and a heating pad. I’m 99.9% that if someone took an x-ray of my spine it would look like a frayed wire cable. That being said, I am all for anything similar to an Icy Hot bandage, or something I can relieve back tension with after a run. This is a one size fits all sheet, so I’d imagine this could fit well for upper back, wrapped around a shoulder, or on the shins.

I am wary about trying:


I’ll be honest, I’m really only wary about this one because the thought of orange flavored gel sounds like a recipe for disaster. Feeling around the packet, the consistency inside seemed a bit runny, so again, disaster. I normally opt for gel packets over chews, so I’ll still give this shot, but I can’t make any promises that I won’t immediately puke up my life after eating it.

Well that’s interesting:

Vita Perk

As someone who is relatively new to the whole coffee thing (Think Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming), I am excited to try this out! It doesn’t appear to be coffee flavored, but rather some healthy junk you can stir in with either iced or hot coffee for a little extra health boost. Updates to follow if this turns me into a super human, or


All in all I am super pleased with this box! Do you see what I mean by the “relief” motif with the Tiger Balm and the massage ball? I’m probably reaching with that one, but they both seem like great for post run recovery. I will say the downside of this receiving the box this week is that the forecast for north Texas this weekend is heavy rain, which may eliminate any opportunity for a run and trying out these samples! Is there such thing a non rain dance? If yes, is there a Youtube tutorial available? Asking for a friend…


One thought on “May Stridebox Unboxing

  1. coffeegrounded

    The coffee idea is just not right. Leave coffee alone, don’t try to improve on it. You can’t.

    Tiger Balm? Heard of it and actually used the liquid form years ago. You’ll like it!



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