Let’s Pretend it’s Friday

Guess who actually wrote Friday Finds a day early, only to find that WordPress straight up lost the post and has absolutely no record of it? Me! I have no idea what happened! I post dated it for Friday around 6:30 pm, and when I went to check on it later that night, nothing was there! Not in the scheduled drafts, saved drafts, the Bermuda Triangle. For all I know that post assumed another identity and is half way across the world by now. Anyways, I thought I had some good finds last week, and I still really want to share them with you, so how about we pretend it’s Friday (which is how I get through Mondays anyways) and rummage through some favorites that got me through the (last) week!

  • Chef’s Table

chef's table

I don’t know who is in charge of Netflix original programming, but they are killing it right now. Between House of Cards, Orange is The New Black, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I can’t think of another channel or internet medium (sorry, Hulu) that is running TV right now. Netflix’s newest gem is the docu-series focusing in on a selection of world renowned chefs, their personal lives, what inspired some of their most famous dishes, and their rise to success. I would best describe as the perfect marriage between Food Network and VH1’s Behind the Music, only with profoundly less drug use. Much like how I approach viewing Food Network, I would recommend having snacks on hand because this show will make you hungry. It will also inspire to get in your kitchen and create something amazing, only to be met with the crushing reality that boiling water is about the extent of your culinary expertise.

  • Chillax by Keds


I know that people are capable of change, because if three years ago you asked me what I thought of Taylor Swift I would have rolled my eyes so hard they would have fallen out of my face and then we would have had a real Daryl Hannah in the bathroom circa Kill Bill situation on our hands. Nowadays, I find T.Swift to be a delight and I wish to set up a play date for our cats. That being said, much like Taylor, I freakin’ love Keds, and that girl is hawking that brand left and right these days. I already own a pair of the classic white Champion style, but I recently purchased their “Chillax” slip-on shoes, and I am in love. First of all, the padding in this shoe makes you feel like you are walking barefoot on a rich person’s carpet. I’d imagine these would be perfect for all day outdoor adventures, like theme parks, or when you get roped into helping a friend move out of their apartment. I purchased mine in what I can only describe as Crayola’s interpretation of “Cornflower Blue”, and so far they have been agreeable to go with most of my weekend attire (which is just t-shirt, shorts, accessorized with a TV remote).

  • Mallory’s Book of The Week…Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir

The Inncoent Traitor

Since I’ve been uninteionally knocking out mini book reviews for the past few weeks, I guess we can start calling this section of Friday Finds “Mallory’s Book of the Week”. It’s no Oprah’s Book Club, but it is something I think Gayle would be a part of. That being said, this week I revisited both my favorite genre (historical fiction), and favorite period of history (Tudor dynasty). Author Alison Weir focuses in on the famed “Nine Days Queen”, Lady Jane Grey, and her mini coaster ride to the throne, and almost immediate demise. This is the first novel I have read by Weir, and I must say I really enjoyed her writing! While I was familiar with the Jane’s story, Weir kept the book a constant page turner all the way up to the end. You are provided the POV from not only Jane, but her family, as well close confidants, and members of the royal court seeking to keep her from power, which gives a deeper insight into the turmoil the royal court was facing as they scrambled to produce an heir for the throne. If you are a fan of the Tudor legacy, historical fiction, and paragraphs devoted to how Henry VIII in his later years basically turned into Jeff Goldbum’s character in The Fly, then you’ll love this book!

  • Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter


I’m just going to come right out and say it, this is the most wonderful scent and magnificent moisturizer in the history of the world. I purchased this on a whim last time I was in TJ’s, and this has now become my holy grail product. The consistency is like comparable to that of a DQ shake, I’m pretty sure if you flip it upside down and nothing comes out you get your money back. I love it doesn’t take a million years to dry, nor is it so heavy that you feel like you got confused and accidentally applied wet cement to your arms and legs. The actual scent itself smells heavily of coconut (duh), but it also appears to have notes of vanilla, and whatever it smells like to win an all expenses trip to Hawaii. I want to say this retailed for about $7, and I’ve been using it every day for a week and have hardly made a dent!

And that was Friday Finds…on a Monday. Again I’m so sorry that the internet decided to revolt against me last week, I guess I’ll need to be more careful when scheduling posts! Thanks for understand, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow!


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