May Stitch Fix Unboxing (#4)

Welcome to another edition of, “Mallory Blows All Her Money on Clothes Again”, otherwise known as my May Stitch Fix unboxing! This box was another grand slam as put together by my stylist, Kimberly. This month I had requested a pair of dress pants for work, and a new pair of denim shorts. Let’s take a look and see what arrived this month!

  • Huntter Distressed Cutoff Short (Kept)

Huntter Distressed Cutoff Short

I had asked for a pair of cuffed denim shorts in this box, and had mentioned to my stylist that due to the fact that my hips and thighs are “athletically buit” (my roundabout way of saying thunder), that I prefer the length to not be crazy short or too tight. That being said, these shorts fit like a dream! While the length is a little longer than I’m used to, I finally can wear shorts that I’m not constantly having to readjust. I paired them with a t-shirt and Keds last weekend, and it was great for just a day of lounging around with family.

  • Donelle V-Neck Button-Up Cardigan (Kept)

Donelle V-Neck Button-Up Cardigan

If there is anything in this world that I can’t turn down, it’s a cardigan. For a person who is always cold, I almost always have an extra layer with me when I go to work, or out and about. I love this cardigan because it’s long an length (shout out to all the girl’s like with me with short torsos!), and the neutral color can go with almost anything! Also great for Mr. Rogers cosplay.

  • Elyse Striped Sheer Sleeveless Top (Kept)
  • Emer High Waisted Trouser (Kept)

top and trouser

This outfit makes me feel like I should be in a 2015 reboot of Working Girl, and I love it. I had requested a pair of dress pants, specifically the Emer pant, and Kimberly delivered! These pants do not have a zipper, and while this may sound concerning, they fit like a yoga pant. I found these to be comfortable all day, and loved how it paired with the striped top. The top has a small zipper detail in the back, and I feel will also look good dressed down as well. Given that is sheer, I was also given a small white cami (no built in bra) to wear underneath, which is super soft and breathable. Now if you’ll excuse, I have a cover of “9-5” to record…

  • Wilson Printed Dress (Aw hell no)

Wilson Printed Dress

If you’re wondering why I am not photographed in this dress, it’s because getting into it was about as physically challenging as a Global Guts obstacle course. I could not pull it up over my legs, and I could not finagle my way through my head and arms, and once I did finally make my way into the dress, not only did I look like I just escaped a crawl space, it was also incredibly unflattering and I looked like I was wearing a Lily Pulitzer printed cardboard box. So needless to say, this one was returned.

With the dress being the obvious exception, I loved everything in this box! I was in dire need of new denim shorts and dress pants, and Kimberly did an excellent job listening, as well as drawing inspiration from my Pinterest board. If you’re interested in checking out Stitch Fix, take a look at my tips on getting a great box, and then head over to their site to get started on your style profile!


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