Weekend Race Recaps!

Hello and happy Monday! Or Happy Star Wars day, since today is “May the Fourth Be With You.” In honor of this day I will be doing nothing because I have to work and made up holidays do not warrant a day off for me. Haha, I love being an adult! Also, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which while is a real holiday, I still can’t do anything because, oh what’s that? I have to work. Maybe I’ll just eat some chips and salsa and then cry while I browse through my Facebook feed of friends who are still in college and enjoying margarita drink specials.

Well that got weird fast. Aside from avoiding adulthood, I had a pretty great weekend filled with 5ks and lazy days. In fact, so lazy that I fell asleep at 5 pm on Saturday. I am out of control. Oh well. Anyways, I’ve got a few pictures and a few opinions on the races I participated in this weekend, so let’s recap!

  • Vineyard 5k

Vineyard 5k

On Saturday morning I ran the Vineyard 5k at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine, which my third year participating in the race. I will say that I super hate this course; awkward placed through a neighborhood, hills, and then more hills, but the promise of free wine is too good to pass up. Normally, since there is limited parking at the Vineyard, runners are encouraged to park at the local high school (Boooo, CHHS), and then be shuttled via bus over to the event. After the event apparently shuttling runners back to the high school was not discussed, because several us waited upwards of 20 minutes before deciding to hell with it, and just walked back to the high school (it’s just a 5 minute walk…across a highway). Poor planning, and unfavorable course aside, I did enjoy my small glass (dixie cup) of rosé after the run. However, to be completely honest with you, I probably won’t run this race again because it continually becomes more unimpressive every time every year. The t-shirts are painfully boring. This year’s was a bright red tech tee with abnormally large sleeves, and white outlined logo of grapes.


I mean, I’m not graphic artist, nor do I work in the screen printing industry, but I feel like this is an awesome opportunity for a really cool t-shirt! Maybe something involving a glass of wine? Maybe a photo of me on my 21st birthday? The possibilities are endless. I know it’s petty to complain about a race t-shirt, but I think it’s part of the fun of being able to say you ran in that event! Speaking of, maybe I should go a post on my favorite race shirts…

  • Skyline 5k

Skyline 5k

Sunday morning was the first ever Skyline 5k/10k/Half Marathon in Dallas, and I loved it! I ran the 5k course, but given how beautiful the weather was Sunday morning, I wish I had run the half marathon! The course was set along the Trinity Skyline Trail, in downtown Dallas, which offers an awesome view of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and a view of the post apocalyptic marsh land that is the Trinity River. The 5k course was on mostly flat pavement, with a brief moment of gravel when running underneath the overpass. Afterwards we were treated with mini breakfast burritos, bananas, and coconut water from Zico! Had we stayed till 10 am we could have scored a free beer, but my dad and I had to book it home so my family could head over for an afternoon at with Grandparents *sad trumpet plays here*. Now this race had an awesome t-shirt (I’m wearing it in the Vineyard 5k photo above), and all participants received a medal! This race was put on by Run Project, which is my favorite race sponsor in DFW because they always put on well organized and super fun events. Weather permitting, next year I’d love to run the half marathon course for this event, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in participating in this race in 2016!

What a weekend for 5ks! I don’t have any races until next week (The Bubble Run and Xterra Trail Run!), so it’ll be a small break for race recaps. However, I did get my Stitch Fix box this weekend so expect that review sometime this week! Enjoy your Monday, and May the Fourth be with you.

star wars


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