Graze Box Review!

Graze Box Review

Welcome to my first ever Graze Box review! I’ve been receiving these awesome little snack boxes twice a month for about a year now, and they are so much fun. Graze offers a wide variety of healthy snack options that range from sweet to savory, as well as boxes catered towards calorite couting and sugar count! I love taking these snacks to work as a means of tiding me over before lunch, and during the afternoon lull. If are interested, feel free to check out their website here, and take adavangtage of my referral code: MALLOR1ZP. Now let’s review!

In this box:

  • Whole Grain Banana Caramel Dippers
  • Zesty Chili Lime Cashews
  • Italian Herb Focaccia
  • Apple Cosmo

My favorite:

  • Whole Grain Banana Caramel Dippers

Banana Caramel Dippers

This snack has showed up in  previous boxes, and I LOVE it! Strangely enough I did not become a fan of caramel up until a couple of years ago, but I now often wish I had a barrel of this stuff so I could eat it all day. The banana dippers (the best way to describe them, really), are coated with a soft bread crumb, and while a little messy, are super delicious. Sadly, since these are intended to be healthy and portion controlled, you only get three dippers (I can’t with this word, really), so try to savor these to the best of your ability.

Well this is new:

  • Zesty Chili Lime Cashews

Chili Lime Cashews

Spicy cashews??? Yes, please, and thank you. I tried these out on my lunch break today and they were next level. The seasoning is easily comparable to something you would find on Doritos, but you feel less guilty eating because you know it probably wasn’t made with that weird zest powder they sell at gas station counters, and the tears of children who never had the opportunity to cash in their Planet Lunch Ploids. Graze Box has a wide array of awesome seasonings, and this is probably my new favorite.


  • Apple Cosmo

Apple Cosmo

Y’all know what dried fruit tastes like. You don’t need me for this.


  • Italian Herb Focaccia

Italian Herb Focaccia

This little baby bread basket contains smoked almonds, rosemary crostini, fiery seeds and mini basil breadsticks. All of this is just a fancy way of saying “Basically croutons.” This snack has shown up in previous boxes and I always enjoy receiving it. As a stand alone it is great, but I think these would be great toppers for a salad!

I hope you enjoyed the review, and if you’ll exuse me, I’m gonna go eat the rest of these now. I’ll see you tomorrow for another edition of Friday Finds! Expect a review of Whiplash that will probably just be a mess of exclamation points and reaction gifs.


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