Stream of Consciousness

Hello, and happy Wednesday! I have racked my brain on things I could discuss today. I didn’t do anything cool with my hair for a tutorial. I didn’t make anything awesome for lunch. It’s not Friday yet so I can’t really share what I’ve been digging this week. And just when I thought I might have to skip a post, I remembered, who cares?? Why not just briefly gloss over junk I thought about today? Great, let’s do just that!

  • Today is apparently Willie Nelson’s birthday! Happy Birthday to a pair braids that have been higher than Matthew McConaughey both in real life, and in Interstellar.
  • I have to make my lunch tomorrow but I have no idea what to make so I’m just going to hope I dream of something creative tonight and make it fifteen minutes before I have to leave for work.
  • I tried out a new kind of elliptical at the gym the today that kind of mimics skiing and my calves are already sore and I don’t know how Lindsey Vonn does it.
  • My Stitch Fix box is in the mail right now and my Graze Box came today and wow what a week for subscription boxes am I right?
  • I spent most of today thinking that it was Thursday.
  • If I read about Kylie Jenner fake lips one more time I am going to drive my car into a lake.
  • I took me five hours yesterday to realize that I had a hole in my pants.
  • The microwave just went off. My tea is ready!


It’s time for night time and a book for me! Goodnight folks! I’ll catch ya tomorrow with a Graze Box review. Let’s hope I don’t eat all of the snacks before it’s time to post.


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