Weekend Recap: I Saw A Rabbit and I’m Scared of J.K. Simmons

Hey party people. Are you psyched that it’s Monday? *crickets chirping and a faraway cough* Yeah, same here. I had an awesome weekend, and I’m sad that it’s over and I have to be adult and resume another work week.


  • Friday

North Texas got some Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton starring in Twister level storms Friday evening, so I spent the evening indoors and watched TV. So basically a typical Friday night for me.

  • Saturday

The only downside from this weekend was that the One Ale of a Trail race was canceled due to flooding on the course, and it was rescheduled for a weekend in June when I’ll be in California! Thankfully I have another trail race at the end of this month, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get my Altra’s dirty! I made up for my missed race with a nice run on Saturday morning.

Saturday Run

I was slightly derailed on a couple of occassions, once when I saw a bunny and reacted like a toddler, and then the second time when I assisted two women who were lost driving around looking for a nearby church. After my run, my dad and I went to check out our newly rennovated local gym, and it was AMAZING! To preface this, my family has been going to the Grapevine Rec Center since the late 90’s, so we were pretty emotionally invested in this rennovation (also because nothing else really happens in Grapevine). The new gym is equipped with a mini water park, lap pool, brand new machines, and so much more! Here’s a shot of the view of the water park from the ellipitcal I was using.

Rec Center

The little kids running around the pool seemed to be having a blast. Also, would it be weird if I held my 25th birthday in the water park? Yes? Ugh, okay.

After seeing the new sights and getting a small workout (since I had already run, I just did a mile on the ellipitcal and tried out a few of the new weight machines), I headed home to clean up and then spent the outside for Art in the Square in Southlake. There was a kids talent show going on, so I spent most of the time inside of the Gap so I could avoid Kidz Bop covers of Let it Go. Afterwards, Jake and I watched Whiplash and I’ll have to save my review for Friday Finds because it blew my mind and I still don’t have any words! I will say I am now terrified of J.K Simmons and I hope to never meet him in real life. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but his character didn’t make me feel like I needed a Xanax prescription, and I’m scared that if we ever met I would feel the need to pull out my flute from high school and play scales in front of him…while crying.

  • Sunday

Another spent with the Grandparents! I also finished the book I was reading, and then started watching Nightcrawler, but turned it off 45 minutes in because it was moving too slow, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s emaciated face was creeping me out. I was hoping it would be really intriguing and hold my attention, but I found myself either checking my phone or getting up to find a snack like twelve times before finally succumbing to the fact that this movie was not Whiplash and I was no longer interested in watching it. Oh well!


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