How to Get a Great Stitch Fix Box

You know how I talk about subscription boxes on like every other post in this blog? Well I thought I’d do it again today, because I got an e-mail from Stichfix last night notifying me that I better hurry up and make my requests, because my stylist was about to get started on my box! For anyone unfamiliar with the Stichfix process, you can catch a synopsis and reviews here, but is essentially like Christmas once a month. I’m coming up on my fourth box, and I feel like after my last box, I finally learned how to be ultra specific with my requests, and make the most out of my monthly boxes. Here’s a few tricks I’ve learned a long the way!


1. Be specific!

You are given the opportunity to describe your style, and what you are looking to achieve when filling out your style profile. Don’t be like me, and just type the words “Casual like Lauren Conrad” and expect your stylist to turn you into LC. What about Lauren’s style do you like? What are your favorite colors to wear? Are you like me and have tree trunk thighs and wearing short shorts is a joke? Let them know!

2. Make friends with Pinterest


Create a style board on Pinterest and link it to your style profile so your stylist can have examples of items you are interested in or examples of your favorite celebrity styles. My stylist has included in the note that accompanies my box that she draws a lot of inspiration for what to include each month by browsing my Clothes & Accessories board. In my captions I’ll often tag @stitchfix and then include a note stating what I like about the item just so I can be specific as possible. I’ll also pin clothes from online stores I shop at frequently just so my stylist has a better idea of my budget, and what I would normally purchase on my own.

3. What do you want this month?


Each month you’ll have the opportunity to include a short note where you can request a particular item, or make your stylist of an upcoming event that warrants a new outfit! I’m in desperate need of new dress pants for work, and new denim shorts for summer, so I included that in this note. Next month I’ll be gearing up for a trip to California in June, so I’ll most likely be requesting a dress I can wear to a graduation, and something that screams “I belong here!” when I visit.

4. Be my stylist?

If you get fixed up a with a stylist that does an awesome job, request for them again in your style profile! I had an awesome stylist for my first box, and then an not so awesome one for box #2 (I sent most of the clothes back), so when it came time for box #3 I requested the stylist who had put together my first box. So far she has been doing an amazing job listening to my requests and viewing my picks in Pinterest, plus she’s always so polite in her notes! I don’t see myself changing stylists any time soon. You’re the, Kimberly.

These tips have been super helpful to me so far, and if I come across any more I’ll be sure to share! In the mean time, feel free to borrow my referral code and go check out Stitch Fix for yourself!


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