Earth Day Hacks

Happy Earth Day! Today is relatively short and sweet post, but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite recycling tips in honor of today’s holiday! So far the most proactive thing I’ve done today is recycle a can of La Croix, but hey it’s something. Check out the list below for a few ideas to make the most of Earth Day, or just some ideas on how to be less of a jerk to planet.

Earth Day Hacks

  • Meal prep. I’ve gone over this before, and aside from it just being a healthy alternative to eating out, you are essentially producing less waste and garbage by preparing your own food with proportions you know you’ll eat, and packaging it in reusable containers.
  • Use a water bottle! I take a water bottle with me every day at work, and keep a coffee cup at my desk that way I never need to use the styrofoam cups in the break room. I also do this because I’m like 95% my office has not replaced the styrofoam collection since 1995.
  • Donate old clothes to a local charity pick up, or local Good Will. My family often donates to the Paralyzed Vets Society, or Leukemia Lymphoma Society, but there are several donation pickups you can search for online depending on your area.
  • Not sure what to do with all those empty bottles of booze? Yeah you could recycle them, or you could turn them into art!
  • You and I both know you haven’t read those Twilight books sitting on your bookshelf since 2008. Besides how are you going to explain that next time a house guest sees it? How about that Now 6 you’ve been holding onto since the 4th grade? Do yourself a favor and drop off your embarrassing, or no longer needed books or CDs at your local used book store. My favorite is Recycled Books in Denton, partially because I have been going there since I was a kid, and the place has the structural integrity of a tree fort.
  • Plant a tree or something.

Not a lengthy list, but it’s some of my favorite Earth Day/being a good citizen of the planet hacks. Feel free to share a few of your own, and Happy Earth Day!


One thought on “Earth Day Hacks

  1. coffeegrounded

    Make dirt! By recycling grass clippings, leaves and vegetable and fruit wastes you are rebuilding the soil in your area.

    Take your own bags to the grocers.

    Walk or bike whenever you can. Keep that car parked. You’ll get exercise and help the environment, a win-win situation.

    (Reminder: It’s time to cull thru the books again.)



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