Low Budget Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial: Volume II

Hello and welcome to another edition of Low Budget Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial! The name is basically a more creative of way of saying “Braids”, but you get the point. Here is an example from a previous post. Now that I have shorter hair, getting creative with my hair and styling has become a lot more challenging. Want to wear a ponytail? Hope you have 5000 bobby pins to spare. I also have to be careful curling my hair or else I end up looking like a four year old auditioning for a part in Curly Sue in the local theater. I’ll get the hang of it eventually. In the mean time, let me introduce you to a modified braided crown/messy bun look I threw together today.


All you will need is:

  • Brush
  • Detangler (I used L’Oreal Absolut Repair)
  • Frizz serum (I used Kerastase Fondant Nutri-Thermique cream)
  • Curling wand or hair straightner


Start off by brushing through your hair to get out any existing knots. I like using my L’Oreal detangler and Kerastase cream to help eliminate any tangles, and they help hold my braids throughout the day so I don’t have to apply hairspray.

Once you’ve combed the begeezus out of your hair, part your hair to your preferred side (left for me), and section off an inch of hair at the front (if you have bangs, just let those hang out) and keep that seperated with either a hair tie, or doing it the classy way and holding the hair in your mouth. From there, start a medium sized french braid outside of the section of hair, and then once you reach your ear, begin braiding as normal. You can tie this braid off and save it for later.

Right Braid

Repeat the braiding process on the side of your head, and tie the braid and save for later use. Once your braids are to your liking, untie the braids, and gather them into the rest of your hair and tie into a low messy knot. Take the section of hair saved from the first step and add small sections of waves or curls with your curl wand or straightener. I curled a very small section, and then straightened out my bangs.

Left Braid

This probably took a grand total of ten minutes, and it actually looked better as the day wore on as the knot in the back began to look more deconstructed, and the braids looked more tousled. I will say since I am getting reacquainted with having side bangs that having hair out on the side of my face can get annoying at times, so I may adapt this in the future to braid my bangs out of my face. In the meantime, enjoy this creative of way of keeping your hair up, whilst waiting for a book that at this rate probably won’t be coming out till 3025.


One thought on “Low Budget Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial: Volume II

  1. coffeegrounded

    The curse and beauty of bangs. Some days they are life’s blessing, and then at others we search frantically for pins, product and our stylist’s number.

    Your braid is beautiful!



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