Monday Musings: Vinyls & Hoop Dreams

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend and your week is off to a good start. I’m hoping for a slow week at work now that tax season is over. Thankfully today was a little slow and I was able to catch some of the live stream of the Boston Marathon this morning! It blows my mind that some people super humans can finish that race in a little over two hours. I would have been at mile 8 by that time, and probably would have given up and taken an Uber to the finish line.

Enough of my inspiring fantasy to cheat at a marathon. Let’s recap this weekend!

  • Friday

Friday night I went to a yoga workshop that focused on breaking down a pilates based class that is featured at the studio I attend. While I’ve only ever been to one other workshop, both experiences are always super fun and helpful, and most of the staff is there in an attendance so every one can have individual assistance with postures. It was a lot of core work, and I’m still sore from it today! After class we were treated with wine and cupcakes, and then Texas weather greeted us with showers and thunderstorms! I then went home and ate the most confusing dinner of all time, a baked sweet potato with chips and salsa. I’m an adult!

  • Saturday

Saturday started off early with a six mile run around the lake in my new Altra’s! The first few miles were tough since I wasn’t used to the minimal feel, and it felt like my knees were taking a beating, but I hit my stride around mile 3 and felt okay.

After cleaning up, Jake and I headed into Dallas to Good Records for Record Store Day!

Good Records

Outside of the store was a beer garden (and by this I mean an aluminum tub filled with ice and beer), vendors, a DJ, and a ton of pizza. Inside there records (obviously), wall to wall people, and no A/C. I think I sweat out my body weight in twenty minutes while I was in there. We took a small break and walked over to Steel City Pops, where I enjoyed a cucumber lime pop, and Jake was basic as ever and had Vanilla Bean.


I did manage to snag a special Record Store Day release from Cold War Kids, and then Otis Redding album that I have been looking for for awhile. We also got to see Ok Go perform!

Ok Go

They did about three songs, and then later Jake and I walked past them while they were hanging out outside the store, but I was too nervous to ask for a photo. In my defense it looked like they were having a conversation and I didn’t want to interrupt, and I’m also the worst around famous people, so I thought it best not to blow it and just keep walking.

  • Sunday

My family spent the day at my Grandparent’s house. I found an old basketball in the garage, and after my Grandpa was kind of enough to inflate it (it was basically a pancake when I found it) I tapped into my inner Michael Jordan.


My grandparents got that basketball hoop for my sister and I years ago, and for reasons unknown, they still keep it up at their house. I’m glad that they do though, because I think it’s time to quit my job and consider a career in the NBA. My qualifications include: not ever making a basketball team, I’ve seen Space Jam, and a brief obsession with Lebron James Pink Lemonade gum in 2005. I think I have what it takes.


One thought on “Monday Musings: Vinyls & Hoop Dreams

  1. coffeegrounded

    You go, Girl! I think the Dallas Mavericks have a few sitting on the bench and need some mighty assistance.

    Is it okay to watch live streaming while earning your 401K? Dang, can I join you one cube over, and can I bring my dog to work with me?

    Beer and ice pops. Yum City!



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