Big D Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you’re week is off to a good start, and didn’t begin with waking up at 4:00 am for no particular reason. Well, I did fall asleep at 8:30 pm the night before, so I guess that’s mostly my fault. My body doesn’t know how to take advantage of sleeping in, and just wakes me up at 7 hours and is like “Okay that’s enough.” It’s great. I could keep rambling about this, but how about we recap this weekend instead?

  • Friday

wine and beer

Friday night Jake and I went to Esparza’s for dinner, and there is no photographic evidence of this because I ate my tacos before anything could be done. Aside from amazing Mexican food, I love Esparza’s because they don’t mess around when it comes to margaritas. There is a margarita on the menu that goes for $125, which means it either made with solid gold, or contains secrets to  Al Capone’s vault. Who knows. I opted for the $8 margarita because I have bills to pay, but it was quite delicious and a great way to cap off my Friday. (We also capped off Friday again with a glass of wine and beer at Whole Foods later that night. It was necessary, okay?)

After dinner, Jake and I decided to walk around Main Street where we ran into Thomas the Tank Engine.


Apparently it was “Day Out with Thomas” and the toddlers were out in full force. I ended up seeing Thomas three more times over weekend (without trying), so I’m beginning to think is train is never going to leave and may or may not be stalking me. Thomas, unless you are the DART, I am not interested.

  • Saturday

My Saturday was pretty uneventful, but I enjoyed my day of almost zero errands. I woke up early to run a easy breezy 5.5 miles around the lake, and then headed out to pick up my race packet for the Big D Dallas Half Marathon. Afterwards I watched (and by watched, I mean slept through)  The Masters with Jake. I watched golf all weekend and I still don’t understand the point system. Thankfully Jordan Speith does, because he won.

  • Sunday/Race Day!

finish line

Sunday was race day and I started my day at 4:30 am with stretches and my old standby of peanut butter on toast, a banana, and my protein coffee. The race was held at Fair Park, and if you are familiar with the venue, you know that when you park you then proceed to walk what feels like a half marathon in itself to the gate. I wish I had left earlier because by the time I was inside the venue I only had about ten minutes to use the port-a-potty and then stretch. The race officially started at 7:30 am in the most Benny Hill fashion I have ever seen. The race was both a full marathon, and a half, and was not corralled and everyone went off at the same time…from different angles. The start line was parked about ten feet in front a seated area, so anyone who was not directly in front of the start, had to taper off into a huge lump of people on either side. It was a bit of a mess, but I crossed over the start at 7:32 so I guess it worked out.


Miles 1 through 6 ended up being very sweaty due to the crazy humidity, but I was welcomed with a light rain around mile 7 which was much appreciated. The course took us through a couple of neighborhoods, White Rock Lake, and several small parks. It wasn’t a very “visual” run in the sense that there wasn’t a lot to look at, but I did run next to a girl who had red hair and was dressed in a coral top and teal leggings, so I named her Ariel in my head. There was also a lot of men who smelt as if they had replaced their shower head with a spray can of Axe, so I spent a lot of time wandering what was wrong with them during the run.

The course description of this race had described the course as mostly flat. Well that mostly a lie. There were so many steep inclines that after the first three I decided it be best that I just walk up the hills so I wouldn’t waste all my energy trying to be the Little Engine That Could. Shout out to all the runners who I saw power through those hills. You have thighs of steel and I applaud you.

I ended up finishing at 2:48, which I am very proud of considering those dumb hills and the cloud of middle school boy cologne I had to waft through. At the finish line we were greeted with a cup of water and this medal


They didn’t have any post race snacks set up (or I didn’t see any at least), so Jake was sweet enough to buy me a turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks which I wolfed down almost immediately. In retrospect, maybe not the best thing to devour right after running, but if you are familiar with where Fair Park is located, your only options are either McDonalds, or something from a liquor store with bars on the windows. Dallas is great, y’all.

All in all, while this race was not ideal in terms of a hilly course, an unorganized start, and lackluster views, I found that I could actually enjoy my run. Maybe it was the zero distractions, or just a lucky day, but at no point did I really feel miserable, or ready for it to be over (okay that’s a lie, by mile 12 I was ready to get it over with). Out of nowhere I received my second wind at mile six and it felt awesome. Everyone out there seemed to be enjoying their time just as much as I was, plus it was really fun cheering on the full marathon participants as they came whizzing back by on their way to the finish. This will probably be my last half marathon until the fall given that summer is approaching, as is the vicious heat, so it’ll nice to take a small break from training, and just enjoy 5ks from time to time!

Aaaaaand that was my weekend!  Hope you enjoyed this ridiculous recap (or at least the photo of Thomas). I got my April Stridebox in the mail this evening, so expect a review on that tomorrow! Go enjoy your Monday.


One thought on “Big D Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. coffeegrounded

    You goooooo girl! Yes, that area of town needs a rehab. Why the City of Dallas leaders continue to ignore it is simply beyond me. There’s so much history and culture engrained within that area. Beyond museums, live shows and musicals, there is the famous Cotton Bowl stadium, not to mention it is the site of the State Fair of Texas!

    Congratulations on your run!

    Okay, thank you for allowing my rant. Next year I’ll throw my bike in the trunk. You can pedal in and then pedal out. 😉



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