Friday Finds

Why hello there and happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s “I Was The Kind of Kid” post! It’s always fun to reminisce about what made me super cool weird as a child. The linkup was hosted by The Daily Tay, who also commented on my Instagram yesterday and my reaction was something along the lines of


It was very similar to the time I met Fergie and told her “My sister loved you on Kids Incorporated”, and she responded with “Tell your sister she’s old school.” So congratulations Taylor, you’re basically Fergie. Well enough of my weird fan girl behavior, let’s go over what was cool to me this week!.

  • This fit tip

Office Stretch

I found this on Lauren Conrad’s website earlier this week (Team LC forever), and have been trying out some of the stretches during my breaks at work. The best part is that the stretches aren’t crazy looking and won’t have your coworker wondering if you are attempting to summon spirits. I really like the Ankle to Knee stretch because my hips tend to feel really tight after spending hours sitting in an office chair, and it reminds me of a super modified version of my favorite pose, Pigeon.

  • 101.1 Classical Station


Maybe it’s all those years in band, or I’m turning into Niles Crane, but I have been listening to this station a lot lately. It mainly happened out of sheer frustration of hearing “Sugar” or “Uptown Funk” 500,000 times a day, and just wanted some nice background music for driving. I can definitely attest to classical music easing the tensions that come with work traffic, or driving behind student drivers who are still a little too scared of the gas pedal. Also, Pandora and Spotify both have awesome classical stations if you are unable to locate an AM or FM classical station on your radio. There’s also this super handy website where you can punch in a genre and your zip code and helps you find a radio station! I love the internet.

  • National Sibling Day

National Sibling Day

Today is National Sibling Day! I’m pretty sure this holiday was invented by Facebook, but I’ll celebrate it! The above photo is an intentionally awkward of my sister and I taken by Jake at my grandparents farm. We had meant to take pictures with just my Grandpa, but it ended up spiraling out of control into a series of mock engagement photos between my sister and her husband (who had already been married for five years at that point), and fake high school senior photos with my sister and I. I’m glad I have a sister who will take ridiculous photos and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I’m also glad that I have a sister who let me watch TV with her and introduce me to shows, movies, and music that I know I normally would not have discovered had she not existed! I’m sure I was a huge pain growing up (as made painfully obvious in yesterday’s post), but she did, and still does, a great job putting up with my nonsense.

  • Bonus Sibling

Natalie and I

I’d also like to extend the National Sibling Day shout out to my best friend Natalie, who I consider to be another cool older sister. We met on our way to a high school yearbook conference and she let me sit next to her on the bus. It was very Forrest and Jenny. She’s the funniest, coolest, and most stylish person I know, and we have been best friends for ten whole years now! I guess we should exchange gifts made out of tin or throw ourselves an anniversary party. I don’t have any tin, so a party will have to do.

I apologize for this being such a short list, but I had a pretty busy week and didn’t really have a chance to happen upon a lot of new stuff! Also, I’ve been extra anxious about this weekend because it projected to thunderstorm early Sunday morning, which means my half marathon could be canceled. Ugh. I’m planning on waking up race ready Sunday morning, and if it’s already a mess outside, or storms seem imminent, then I’ll back out. Thankfully I signed up for “insurance” so if for any reason I cannot participate, I can credit the money I paid to another race held by the same sponsor. Let’s hope the rain can stay away Sunday morning and I can run! I hope you all have a great weekend and the weather is kind to you as well!

One thought on “Friday Finds

  1. coffeegrounded

    Okay, this made me cry. I admit it. I have never seen this photo and it simply just made my day. We miss her, don’t we? Yes, yes we do. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I’m so blessed to have all three of you. ❤️❤️❤️



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