Breakfast Jamz!

Oh hey, Wednesday! My protein coffee finally came in the mail yesterday, so I am finally caffeinated and operating like a normal human again! (<—Hence the back to back sentences ending with an exclamation point) In other exciting news, we get to wear jeans at work every day until April 15th! Business casual is the bane of my existence (as is dressing up. I can’t win.), so I’m loving the opportunity to dress down and feel like myself all week. This week’s look has seemingly been inspired by  “older female lead in a Nancy Meyers film”, and we all know how I feel about that aesthetic.


I also call that hairstyle on the left, “Fell asleep in a tornado.” I’m still figuring out this short hair thing, and this is my sad attempt  at the “effortlessly messy” look. One day I’ll get there! Until then I’ll just keep straightening my hair because I have no idea what I am doing.

Oh, and speaking of coffee, I thought I’d share what I eat for breakfast every day, because this it is extremely important that all of you know. Plus 0% of you were asking this, so I figured why not share it anyways! I should note that I am big believer in eating ALL of the food for breakfast, because if I didn’t I would crash and burn before 9 am. I never understood people who “can’t eat in the morning” or can exist on just a quick protein bar before they head out the door. How are you not constantly crying or making that motion that a Sim would do when they’re hunger level is in the red??


More power to you and your shrinky dink stomach, but I need food. Granted, I’m not throwing it down with donuts, bacon, and waffles every morning (I wish), but I have designed a pretty solid breakfast meal that is super filling and super delicious. I should go ahead and tell you now that almost everything that I love is considered “my jam.” This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan? My jam. All day Law & Order SVU marathons? My jam. Now that you get it, let me introduce to you my breakfast jam!


This is requires only four ingredients, and about three minutes of your time! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • About a teaspoon of milk
  • Shredded cheese
  • An avocado


I start off by mixing the two eggs with milk into a bowl, and then popping it into the microwave for about one minute. Once the eggs appear to be edible and not as risk of giving me salmonella, I’ll add a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese, and then (poorly) chop a full avocado into bite sizes. I’ll then toss those into the bowl and “scramble” my eggs by beating everything viciously with a fork. Voila! You have my breakfast jam, or I guess a California Egg Scramble, but that’s boring. This breakfast also pairs well with a red wine my beloved iced coffee.


I’ll also throw a banana in my purse and eat that once I get to work. This helps assist with keeping hunger at bay till lunch, and work as an extra serving of fruit! I once made the mistake of an eating an orange at my desk, which ended up making everything smell like citrus Pine Sol, and made my keyboard sticky. Either I eat like a maniacal five year old, or an orange is not the optimal snack for eating at work. Probably the first one.

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