Monday Musings: Short Hair & Biscuits

Hello, and happy Monday! I am dumb amounts of tired today due to an awesome weekend, and a 7-4 shift at work today. I also ran out of my protein coffee over the weekend, so I’m pretty much a mildly functioning zombie right now. I could have had coffee at work, but I still haven’t worked my way up to drinking “actual coffee” quite just yet. I’m still in the Fischer Price stages of becoming an adult, and still can’t stomach coffee unless it’s disguised as a protein shake. They actually started a coffee club at my work, and I really want to join, but you also have to bring in your own coffee once a month and I don’t know how cool it would be if I brought in a tub of mocha flavored ice cream and was like “This is the best that I can do.” Until then I’ll just continue to sip on my green tea and forget that I accidentally picked up the decaffeinated version like a moron.

Enough about my inability to drink coffee, let’s recap this weekend, because it was awesome. My Friday was extraordinarily laid back, so nothing to really comment on there, unless you would like a recap of me eating dinner, watching Modern Family, and falling asleep at 10 pm. Saturday I woke up early and headed out for my last long run before my half marathon this coming Sunday. I stupidly decided to wear the CW-X leggings that I wore to the Dash Down Greenville and had such a tough time with, and ended up only being able to log a little over a 10k. I was already on a time crunch because I had a hair appointment at 9:45 am, and I started my run at 7 am, so I couldn’t really afford the time to tough it out. The compression made it feel as if all the blood in my legs was being forced into my feet and ankles. I bought a size up in the leggings, so it’s not as if they are outrageously tight, but they are definitely uncomfortable for running purposes. It is too late for me to return them, so they may just become my gym workout pants. Either way, kind of bummed I could get in the 10-11 miles that I wanted, but I still feel confident about this weekend.

After my disappointing run, I cleaned up and booked it over to my hair appointment. I ended up getting my hair cut to my shoulders, and added very soft highlights. I love it! I am so glad to not be weighed down by the wet mop that was my long hair. baking

Here’s a photo of me creepily staring at some biscuits I made (it’ll make sense later), but it’s the only existing photo of my new hair.I’m still adjusting to shorter ponytails, and having to use more bobby pins, but so far it has been so much easier to maintain.

Afterwards, Jake and I went and grabbed wings for lunch, and then ran a few errands. We ran home and quickly cleaned up before meeting his sister and her husband for drinks The Crescent hotel in Dallas.


This hotel is very fancy, and I wore a watch that didn’t work, so I really don’t think I was cool enough to be in there. We did see some basketball players walk by, and honestly if the basketball player isn’t Michael Jordan or Shaq, then I really can’t be of much help and tell you who we saw. I will say that they were all very tall. That narrowed it down for you, right?

I had hoped to redeem my sad run on Sunday morning, but it was already raining heavily at 7 am and I couldn’t make it out. I was able to make it in for a yoga class at 8 am, and I am now four classes away from reaching my 100 class wristband! Hopefully I’ll be able to knock out the classes and have the challenge completed by early next week.

After yoga, my family headed up to my Grandparent’s for an Easter lunch, and this…


My grandma, much like me, loves a good theme, and never fails to go all out for every holiday, including Easter. I’m not huge on Easter cuisine foods (I am not a fan of ham. At all), but enjoyed the pasta salad and desserts, and of course, chocolate.

On our way home we swung by the grocery store, and I found the most wonderful thing in the world.IMG_1257 (2)

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits mix! I didn’t know they packaged the mix and sold in stores! I made it the second I got home, and it took me no longer than twenty minutes, and they taste EXACTLY the same as the restaurant’s!

IMG_1262 (2)

So good! I’ll definitely be making these again every day for the rest of my life. I think I have three left right now, and hopefully I can ration them out throughout the week, but I think we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Have fun day dreaming about biscuits for the rest of the day! I’m in the midst of editing the photos from my Stitchfix review so hopefully that will be available by tomorrow. Hope you all have a good Monday!

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