Friday Finds

Hello, and happy Friday! I am almost certain that there were an additional 3 days thrown into this week without my consent, because this has felt like the longest week ever. I am not a huge fan of inconsistent crazy work schedules, and mine was a bit all over the place this week. Thankfully I have a fun weekend ahead to reboot. Tomorrow I’ll knock out my last long run before The Big D Half Marathon next weekend, and then I’m getting hair cut! Goodbye hair, it’s been real. Sunday will be a big family day for Easter so that should be nice too. Hopefully I’ll have some time Saturday night to dye some Easter eggs! Every year I attempt to tie-dye an egg, and every year it ends up being “Pond Water Brown”, so hopefully this will finally be my year to design the perfect egg (spoiler alert: It won’t).

I’ll check in with you guys next week on my egg masterpiece, but for now let’s get into some Friday Finds.

  • My new trail shoes!

Altra Superior 1.5

My new trail shoes arrived earlier this week and I am so excited to try them out! I ordered the Altra Superior 1.5 on REI and ended up getting nearly half off on these bad boys thanks to some sweet deals. Unfortunately I’m still focusing on breaking in my new Asics in time for my half next week, so these will have to sit patiently until the following weekend, but I will definitely be using them for the One Ale of A Trail 5 mile race coming up on April 25th! I’ve never had legitimate trail shoes before, so I’m really pumped to give the Altra’s a go and see what kind of difference they make in my trail runs!

  • Homemade trail mix


I created this trail mix the other day as a snack to tide me over before and after lunch at work, and I have been loving it. I simply took a handful of cashews and almonds, a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips and coconut flakes, and then a dash of sea salt. This has definitely kept the MGM lion roar of my stomach at bay whenever hunger strikes at work, and it is relatively guilt free! Could I do without the salt? Yes. Will I? No, because cashews tastes like wet cardboard if they aren’t seasoned.

  • Plant Nanny

plant nanny

I discovered this after it was mentioned in Rachel Whitehurst/icallitambrosia/87daysbefore (if you follow her, you get it) newest video about her health journey. This (free!!) app is essentially a cute and fun way to remind you to drink more water, and I’ve found it to be really helpful! I thought I already drank enough water according to my weight and level of activity, but apparently I was wrong. According to this app I need to hydrate with a little over a gallon of water a day. In other words, hello bathroom. However, it makes chugging water fun by assigning you a tiny seedling (you get to pick the plant, AND name it!), and every time you hydrate, you water your seed and watch it grow. I chose a dandelion and named her Olivia because of Olivia Benson (and inadvertently Taylor Swift’s cat). I have the app set to remind me to hydrate every two hours between 8 am to 10 pm. I’ve reached my goal two days in a row now and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can make it to a gallon of water everyday. In the meantime though, if someone could install a port-a-potty next to my desk that would make my life a lot easier.

  • Southwest Salad from Eatzi’s


This is my absolute favorite salad from Eatzi’s! I picked one up early this morning to take to lunch for work later today, and I almost wish I could go ahead and eat this breakfast. Is that weird? Probably. It’s mixed greens, southwest seasoned chicken, corn, seeds of some sort (I should read the label next time…), black beans, and a spicy ranch dressing on the side. I can rarely eat an entire salad in one sitting, nor do really ever eat corn, but this salad does the job! Also, if you aren’t familiar with Eatzi’s, it’s a market and bakery/heaven. They have almost everything you can think of and more, and I wish I lived in one. They tend to be a little pricey, but I’ve never had a bad experience with their food. I once also got a cherry tart chardonnay from there and it was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, Eatzi’s.

Those are my favorites this week! I hope you all have a great day and weekend, and I’ll see you Monday with hopefully an easter egg that rivals the Mona Lisa, and a Stitch Fix review!

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