What You Got In That (Gym) Bag?

Hello, and happy Thursday! Sadly today I do not have a Stitchfix review to share. According to the FedEx tracker the package is a day behind on delivery, but it should be on my doorstep once I get home from work today! The other bummer is that I have a late shift at work, so I’ll have to wait till late evening before I can see what my stylist (again, I feel so ridiculous saying this) picked for me this month! On the plus side of working the late shift, I was able to go to the gym early in the morning which is my favorite time to go. In the morning all of the machines are open, its not too loud, and I can watch the Today show while I run on the treadmill! Not to mention the “senior” crowd is usually there in the mornings, and they are much more pleasant than the dude bros that hog all of the weights in the evening.

gymbagcollageSpeaking of gyms, and a lack of a Stitchfix box, today’s post will be all about my gym bag essentials (shout out to anyone who caught the Ludacris reference in the blog post title). I should go ahead and preface this with the fact that my gym bag is less of a bag, and more of a drawstring tote that I got for free, so if you were expecting to see some Lorna Jane or Lululemon in this post, I apologize. That being said, if you would like to see those products on my blog, please give me a million dollars so that I can afford it. My gym bag also serves as my yoga bag, and the bag I take with me to races. All about being cheap that multi-purpose.


Before you make jokes. I’ll have you know that I while got this for free at the Rock N Roll expo, it is actually super durable and easy to tote around. As an avid user of draw strings that I got for zero dollars, this one is by far the best. The cords are strong and do not dig into my shoulders, and the bag material withstood a water bottle spill. It may not have pockets, a design, or literally any other features, but it works for me! Not to mention that before this I was using a cross body bag that I got from American Eagle like five years ago, so I’d like to think I making some progress.


Up top you will notice a pair of designer shades…you know what I can’t. I also got those for free. This blog should just be called “Sh-t I Got For Free Because of Running.” I always have a pair of sunglasses with me given that my eyesight and sensitivity to light is on par with a bat. I also have my Nike+ watch that Jake got me for Valentine’s Day last year. I often decide last minute if I want to use the running app on my phone, or the watch to track my distance. The unscented towel on the bottom left came in a Stridebox a few months ago, and I like keeping this on hand if I need to go anywhere after a sweaty yoga class (which is usually Jamba Juice if I’m being honest). This is also the same reason I keep a spare t-shirt readily available. I threw in last year’s Rock N Roll tee to use after my half this year and ended up not needing it, so there it shall stay until future use!


The Vera Bradley pouch on the bottom has proved to be super handy for carrying all of my smaller gym necessities. I use it to house my gym ID, headphones, and my iPod mini. This can also house a little over a million safety pins, and I know this because I’m pretty that is how many have been deposited there after unpinning my race bibs. I like having a backup iPod on hand in the event something happens to my phone, plus it still has my all of my workout playlists from college! Those orange Bose headphones are also my holy grail workout accessory. I have never used a better pair of headphones, and they are definitely worth the investment. The sound quality is amazing, nor do the buds ever fall out of my ears while running!

If you have learned anything from this post it is that I am extremely simple when it comes to workout accessories (and that I desperately need to vacuum the carpet in my room). I like that I don’t need to change anything out of my bag depending on my workout, so that keeps heading out the door for the gym or yoga a much easier process. I hope you all enjoyed, and expect a Stitchfix review early next week! Have a great day and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for Friday Finds!


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