When Your Bangs Don’t Work Like They Used To

Happy April Fool’s Day! Consider this blog a safe place because I don’t have any pranks planned. I am extraordinarily bad at pulling off pranks, given that I am a terrible liar, and I’m too scared that whatever I plan will backfire. I’ll just leave it to the pros (the kid from Home Alone, obviously). This morning I logged into Amazon to order more of my Chike’s Protein Coffee, only to find that Amazon had recreated their original layout from 1999 for April Fool’s:


I don’t have time for this!!!

I had a mild panic until thankfully it reverted back to it’s current format once I clicked the search bar. Oh Amazon, you trickster.

I had intended to feature another “Low Budget Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial” today, but it is currently raining out, which means I am Diana Ross circa 1970 right now, and cannot do the original hairstyle that I had planned. Inclement weather and my hair do not cooperate at all. Thankfully, I do have a trick to help hide most of the frizz with a super easy hairstyle that requires absolutely no heat, and very little product! It works with a ponytail, a side braid, or even when you want to wear your hair down (weather permitting). This also works well if you are in that awkward stage of growing out your bangs and looking for a creative way to keep them out of your face. While I’m sure there is an actual name for this hairstyle, for now I’ll make a play on that Ed Sheeran song that is on ALL the time, and call it “When Your Bangs Don’t Work Like They Used To.” Enjoy!


All you will need is:

  • Two bobby pins
  • Any sort of hair serum or product you use to tame frizz (I love using a small amount of jojoba oil!).
  • Oh, and hair.

This is very similar to french braiding in the sense that you will continuously add sections of hair. Start by parting your hair to a side of your choosing (I usually part to the left). Beginning with a one inch section of hair from the middle of your part, grab about a 1/2 inch section of hair from the front of your hairline. Twist the 1/2 section into the 1 inch section, and continue taking 1/2 sections from the front of your hairline and twisting them into the 1 inch section. Continue to do this until you reach your ear, and then pin the twist back with two bobby pins, and you’re done!


In order to defy the humidity and rain, I tied the rest of my hair back into a loose ponytail, but this also looks great if you are wearing your hair down and add in a messy curls. I also love wearing this with a loose side braid in the summer. It’s a really creative way to get all of your dumb hair out of your face for almost any occasion! I’ve also found that I really don’t need to apply any hairspray to the style to help keep it’s hold, which is added bonus!

Well I’m off to my evening yoga class! I can’t be creative with my hair for those classes given that room is set to 98.6 degrees, so a top knot and headband is my go-to for those workouts. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and managed to avoid any horrid April Fools pranks!

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