The Color Run Race Recap + New Shoes!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, and that the weather was awesome! We had sunshine and cool breezes all weekend, and I loved it! We are now heading into a week of clouds and thunderstorms, so it was nice to have a taste of spring while it lasted. Also, I received notice that my Stitchfix box #3 will be here Wednesday, so that’s helping me cope with this gloomy weather. Well, I’ve got a race recap to dig into, and a running shoe reveal, so let’s get started!

the color run collage

Jake and I participated in The Color Run on Saturday morning, and we had so much fun! Neither of us had done the official Color Run before, but we’ve participated in copycat versions in the past. This one is by far my new favorite for a few reasons. I appreciate that it is a strictly cornstarch set up, and they don’t use spray hoses. The Color Me Rad, and Color Up 5ks I have done used spray hoses and they always super water down and you hardly got any color, and when I’m participating in a color run, I want to come out looking like a Lisa Frank character. They also had fun vendors, one of which included Shout (yes, the laundry people), who brought in leaf blowers that would use to literally blow the color off of you.

color run selfie

The course was set in Fair Park, which always looks like an abandoned Disney Land circa 1975 whenever the Texas Fair isn’t going on. Along the course, our color stations were yellow, blue, orange, pink, and the final stage GLITTER. I think being imersed in a cloud of sparkle (that will ultimately embedded into your shoes forever), is the best way to cap off a race. In fact, I wish all races did this. Everyone would hate it except me (what else is new), but nothing screams celebration and “You did it!” quite like a glitter confetti storm. At the end of the race we were handed a bonus packet of colored cornstarch to throw at each other, and I ripped open mine only to find that it was just plain white cornstarch. I didn’t need a thickening agent at the time, but thank you of thinking of my baking needs, Color Run. I think Jake got orange, and he thought it would be cool to throw it up in the air, but at the exact moment that he did a strong breeze came through and blew it away. It was a magical moment for anyone who witnessed it.


I am now a huge believer that The Color Run is the best color themed race in the biz. Fun colors and glitter aside, I really loved that all of their volunteers were super friendly, and seemed to be having as much fun as the participants. I will definitely be signing up again next year! Now that I’ve done a few of these, here’s a few tips and tricks I’ve gathered along the way that will help make the most of your color run experience:

  • Wear all white (duh), but wear clothes and tennis shoes you don’t mind getting stained.
  • Bring a carrying case, or whatever you may use to hold your phone while you walk or run. This will keep your phone clean, and safe from all of the cornstarch.
  • Bring a Wet Wipe or towelette so you can wipe up your hands once you finish. That way once you start taking your “After” photos, your phone or camera won’t be covered in color.
  • Bring chapstick. The cornstarch will dry to your lips and taste real bad, I promise.
  • Bring beach towels to sit down on once you get back in the car, and take your shoes off and stomp them on the pavement to get off any residual color.

As I mentioned last Friday, I was going to be shopping for some new running shoes over the weekend. I walked into REI Friday evening almost certain that I would be walking out with a pair of Brooks, but surprise…


After trying on three different pairs of Brooks, and two Asics, I left with the Asics GT 2000-3! I found that Brooks really agitated the outside arch of my foot, but these Asics fit really well! I love the hot pink, white, black, and mint color scheme, so that’s a plus as well! I wore them for an 8.5 mile run on Sunday morning, and while I experienced a little bit of discomfort for the first few miles, I’m sure that’s just due to breaking them in for the first time.

Asics after run

According to the Asics website, the special features on this shoe include:

Much of the weight savings can be attributed to the new Heel Clutching System™ and new FluidRide™ midsole. An updated Guidance Line® and Guidance Trusstic System® complement the comfortably supportive Dynamic DuoMax® to provide mild to moderate overpronators the ultimate ride

Again, all robot gargle to me, but it sounds fancy so I’m trusting it. I hoping to make sure these are broken in enough by my next half marathon in a couple of weeks, but if not I’ll still have my Saucony’s on stand by. So far I’m liking these shoes, but I wasn’t hearing a choir of angels singing during my run. I’ll come back to you after next few runs on how I feel. I also ordered some trail shoes by Altra that were SUPER on sale, and those should be in by this week, so look out for that too!

I hope you all have a great Monday! I’ll continue anxiously awaiting my Stichfix box. I’m thinking a meal prep update for tomorrow? We’ll see!

One thought on “The Color Run Race Recap + New Shoes!

  1. coffeegrounded

    You GO girl! Fun read. Thanks for that shoe jargon. I’m hip, now, except for one thing: I need to dye my cornstarch. Like, seriously, how do they do that? It would glob on me if I pulled a Bill Nye on it. Gots ta be a bit of magic mojo I ain’t no know of.



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