Friday Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! I am beyond ready for the weekend. Tonight I think I’ll heading over to REI to pick up my new shoes, and then Saturday morning Jake and I are doing The Color Run! I’ve done color run races in the past (Color Up and Color Me Rad to be specific), but I haven’t done the official color run, so I am super excited! After that I really don’t have anything else planned for the weekend other than getting my oil changed. Exciting stuff, I know. I hope the weather is nice Sunday morning because I would really love to break in my new shoes in on a long run! Oh Texas weather, please be kind.

I’ll fill you all in on with a race recap Monday morning, but for now let’s dig into some Friday Finds!

  • Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands

I picked up two new Sweaty Bands at the Rock N Roll Half Marathon expo last weekend, and as I expected, I love them! I wore the sparkly mint green headband for my half, and I tried out the dark green/third eye headband for my yoga class on Thursday. I super swear by these headbands for working out. They never slip off of my head, nor do they budge when I am gross and sweaty during a hot yoga session. Here is their website if you’d like to check out other colors they have available!

  • Misterwives


I have had this band’s album, “Our Own House”, on repeat all week. I first heard their song Reflections in the background of some Vine (yes, I watch Vines…religiously) and immediately set out to find it. I texted my best friend Stefan about the song and apparently he had been obsessed with it for months, so I guess I am more behind the times than I thought. I should really stop listening to KLUV my oldies so much and invest time in discovering new music. Based on what I’ve listened to of theirs so far, I can assure that almost every track will become your new dance jam, and you’ll be like me and buy the album on iTunes, and then burn it onto a CD so you can dance to it in your car because you still haven’t figured out the AUX cord yet. If you are really into indie pop jams, they remind me a lot of Alphabeat, but without the  cool European haircuts.

  • Naked Juice Kale Blazer

kaleblazerI first tried this flavor at the Naked Juice vendor at the Dash Down Greenville 5k a couple weeks ago, and was really impressed! I try to implement green juice into my diet as often as I can, and I find that a lot of pre-made green juices can be a bit too overpowering and bitter for me, but not this one! Target was having a two for $5 sale this week, so I stocked up for the week. I may to try to emulate this juice/smoothie over the weekend, so if I strike up something similar, or (hopefully) even better testing, I’ll be sure to post the recipe!

  • This news


Now that Parenthood is over, Craig T. Nelson made the most logical career choice and is bringing back 90’s favorite, Coach. I automatically lump this show in with the likes of Wings, Caroline In The City and Mad About You, because they are all shows I watched religiously as a kid because apparently I was a toddler sized 45 year old in the early 90’s. I will be even more pumped for this show’s return if Bill Fagerbakke brings back that Hulk Hogan bleached blonde haircut. Also, do you know that Bill does the voice for Patrick on Spongebob? I still cannot get over this information.

That’s all for today! I’ll see you all Monday with a race recap, and hopefully I will have gotten all of the dyed cornstarch out of my hair by then! Have a great weekend!

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