Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon Race Recap!

Good evening, and happy Tuesday! I come to you post gym workout and ready to recap race day! Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures from that day (waiting on Jake to edit the ones he took), but I’ll post the rest another time!

Sunday morning I woke up at the best hour to get up…4:30 am. Strangely enough it wasn’t too difficult out of bed, but I made my way to the bathroom to wash my face and put on my race clothes (Nike tank, New Balance leggings, Brooks ankle socks, and my beloved Saucony Kinvara 5 shoes). Once ready, I fixed my pre race meal of peanut butter and chia seeds on toast, with a banana on the side, and a iced Chikes Protein Coffee to drink. Afterwards, I made sure I had my bib pinned, race chip laced in, and all of my materials ready. I had set those out the night before, so thankfully that eliminated any potential frustration of making sure everything was good to go in the morning.

I moved on to about fifteen minutes worth of stretching and foam rolling with the remainder of my time at home, and then once 5:45 am came about, it was time to head off to the DART train into Dallas! Thankfully our stop was only a couple blocks from the starting line, and we made it there was about 40 minutes to spare. I utilized my time to the best of my ability and stretched and used the port-a-potty before the line got out of control. Also, I don’t know what it is about port-a-potty lines that turns an average human being into a complete moron, but I seemingly always encounter people who go in and spend upwards of five minutes or more in a port-a-potty when there is a 10-15 minute wait outside. I know all of our bodies are different, but what are you doing in there??? And why would you want to spend any time longer than you have to in a port-a-potty? Pointless rant over.

Before I knew it, it was time to find my corral and wait for the race to start! I ended up in corral 14, and my time between getting into the corral, and making my way to the start couldn’t have taken longer than ten minutes, which was super impressive (last year it neared 15-20 minutes). Soon it was my corral’s turn to go, and shortly after 8:10 we were off! Now, I’ll skip any stories from mile 1-8, because nothing really happened there, except for at mile four, my right foot landed right on the X that is marked on Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot. Nothing supernatural happened to me, sorry guys. However, feel free to enjoy this awkward photo of me waving to my family shortly before reaching mile 4.


As you can see here, I made a concerted effort to color coordinate, because I am that kind of girl. I actually love that blue Nike tank, and it’s actually something I can wear to yoga too, so that’s a win! I digress though, back to the race! Also, I chose to run with a water bottle with a zip pouch that could my running chews and a chapstick during this race, and it was best decision ever. I thought it would bother me to clutch something for 13.1 miles, but it wasn’t really a nuisance at all!

So like I mentioned earlier, nothing really exciting occurred between mile 1-8 (except for my JFK encounter). However, once I hit mile eight hit I began to feel pain in the arches of my feet, which was a huge bummer because I definitely did not expect to crash so early. Thankfully the pain subsided (or went completely numb…) by the time I reached mile 10. I had to take two brief walking breaks to get up a couple hills, but other than that I felt like I really coasted my last mile and a half and it was great! That was until I was about twenty feet from the finish line when I almost had knock down two idiot children who thought crossing the street during a race would be a great idea. I may have given them a glare that will haunt them for the rest of their lives, but let’s hope it was a lesson learned for them that day.


After encountering those stupid kids, I made it to the finish line! Unfortunately right after finishing I ended up walking directly behind a girl who would NOT stop screaming about the fact that they had free chocolate milk for runners at the finish line. I didn’t have the strength to tell her that no one cares, but thankfully Jake soon found me and helped me to a curb so I could stretch out my legs and complain about her out of ear shot (I promise I’m a nice person, you guys). My legs immediately began to lock up and started walking around like Beck Bennett’s adult toddler character on SNL. Failed legs aside, I was adamant about enjoying the post race festivities, given that the year before I was in so much pain that I immediately went home after the race.


I got my free beer, and was able to catch the main musical act for the race, Eric Hutchinson! He was performing a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and I loved it. (Also, Eric Hutchinson if for any reason you see this blog post, please know that your acoustic Whitney Houston medley has been my favorite thing for nearly six years) Shortly after getting my free beer I remembered how much I hate Michelob Ultra and let Jake finish off, where he quickly realized the same thing.


A photo of Jake and I clearly enjoying each other’s company.

After taking it all in, we headed back to the DART and on our way home. Upon getting home I made it straight for the shower, and then my bed. Jake and I spent the rest of the afternoon feasting on Chipotle, and taking turns napping during viewings of K-Pax and Practical Magic, which is a perfect way to cap off a race day in my opinion. All in all, I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the race. The weather was perfect, and while I wasn’t the fastest out there (slow enough to might as well be walking at some points, but that’s not the who cares?!), I felt great and had a great time! And in exciting news…drum roll please…no one? Okay whatever. I’ll be running The Big D Dallas Half Marathon on April 11! We’ll touch more on that later, as well as that race’s unfortunate name, but I’m excited to do another half so soon, and while this Texas weather is behaving kindly for spring!

I hope you enjoyed this race recap! I highly reccommened running in the Rock N Roll series if it ever passes your way. They put on a great race, and I really have no complaints! Now I’m off to make my Sleepytime tea and head to bed. Have a great Tuesday!

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