The Day Before.

Hello, and happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am currently walking around like a newborn horse, because I completed the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Dallas yesterday morning!! Jake is still editing some of the pictures he took on his fancy camera, but I have some (by some, I mean two) pictures I got from my mom. I’ll do an actual race day recap tomorrow, but I thought today’s post could cover the night BEFORE the race, because it was jam packed from start to finish!

My Saturday started at 9 am with a small four hour shift at work, and then Jake and I booked it to the DART train into Dallas. The race expo to pick up my packet closed at 5 and I didn’t get off work till 1, and I still had to eat and make it into Dallas! Shortly after getting into Dallas, Jake and I popped into Spaghetti Warehouse so I could get my carbo load on, but not before we visited their mini arcade and enjoyed some Ms. Pacman.


After we were bested by Inky and the gang, I feasted on bread, mozzarella sticks, and some chicken Alfredo! The chicken Alfredo did not change my life, but I’m obsessed with Spaghetti Warehouse because you can eat in a hollowed out trolley car. This is exciting to me because my threshold for all things cool peaked when I was four years old. Sadly we were not seated in the trolley car, but we were placed in what I can only describe as wooden planks stapled to an old wire bed frame. I should have taken a photo, but it was a rather unfortunate looking setup.

Afterwards Jake and I walked a few blocks to the Dallas Convention Center to pick up my packet and some running goodies. I’ll feature the goodies later this week, but expect to hear another rave about Sweaty Bands! After spending an hour or so meandering around and enjoying the vendors, we made our way out and back to the train to head home. Jake and I shared headphones and listened to music like a dumb movie about high schoolers. It was cute to me, but probably painfully nauseating to everyone else. Sorry for keeping the romance alive, TRAIN.

Now is where I should probably explain something weird about myself. Before any major event, I feel it absolutely necessary to get my nails done. This is only thing (I hope) that is very Kim Kardashian of me, and I’m not proud, but for some reason I just feel like getting my nails done is essential before I do anything important. All day I kept telling Jake, “Okay it is absolutely imperative I get my nails done when I get home.” Jake, confused, but understanding, reassured me that I would have enough time, and then probably thought to himself that he was dating a monster Well, once we got home my Grandma had arrived for the night (she was spending the night so she could come watch me run the next morning), and everyone was ready to eat dinner. I quickly ate and then told my whole family that I had to leave because a mani/pedi was more important, and that I would deal with them later (okay not really). It was around 7 pm at this point, and I was under the impression that my favorite nail salon was open till 10 pm on Saturdays. Well, they are not. I got there only to be met with locked doors and menacing stares from behind the window. I quickly checked nearby salons and their hours online and found one in Southlake, Hawaiian Nail Bar, which is conveniently open till midnight on weekends! I made my way over there only to find it super packed. I had to wait a little over a half hour before someone could get started on my pedicure, but they were nice enough to provide refreshments. I enjoyed some white wine while watching a show about Alaskan travel (it was on mute, so it could have been about Nepal for all I know) during my wait!


While they did a great job on my pedicure, by the time they had finished it was nearing 9:30 pm and I really needed to get home and get to bed, so I did not have time to get a manicure and was pretty bummed (this is the most embarrassing sentence I have ever had to write). I chatted with the owner and the nail tech on my way out and told them I had a half marathon in the morning and they super sweet and wished me luck. They were very apologetic about the wait, and apparently they had been short staffed that evening. Given how professional and kind they were, I may go back this weekend for the manicure!

Once I got home I rushed to take a shower and get everything race ready for the morning. I laid out my clothes, shoes, bib, and made sure iPhone was charged and ready to go! Unfortunately nervous energy kept me up to about 11 pm. Turns out nerves can beat out both wine AND my Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea! Maybe next time I’ll just put on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and let that do the trick, or ask my dad how Quicken Loans works.

That’s all I’m revealing for today! Check back tomorrow for the race day recap! I’m gonna go ice my legs and I pretend that I can walk.

3 thoughts on “The Day Before.

  1. AmyDavisArt

    What a delightful post! I had so forgotten about the Spaghetti Warehouse, which we went to when I was a child – thanks for the trip down memory lane! I think it’s wonderful that you get your nails done before a race (says one who loves girly nails but rarely has them looking decent these days)!



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