Friday Favorites: The Greatest Movie of All Time

I’m coming at you with something a little different this week. I really didn’t have enough “things” to cover for a typical Friday Finds, but this idea hit me last night so I thought I’d roll with it!

Last week I asked Jake what his all time favorite movie was out of curiosity. He thought about it for awhile before settling on That Thing You Do. Great choice. He then asked me and I mulled it over for a few minutes. I mean, there’s cinematic masterpieces, and movies that I love that I suppose you could regard as “important”, but then I thought to myself, what movie could I watch once a week and never get grow tired of? What movie do I always want to (forcefully) introduce to a friend? What movie has my dream kitchen? What movies pairs best with a glass of wine and a flaky croissant? Is Meryl Streep in it? And then it came to me. It’s Complicated.


This movie takes place in what looks like California’s wine country, and a William’s Sonoma show room. It stars Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as Jane and Jake Adler, as an older divorced couple with three grown children who all dress like Ann Taylor Loft catalogue models. Jake is now married to a much younger woman, and it is alluded that they are now trying for a child of their own. Jane works as a pastry chef, and appears to own a coffee shop/bakery that allows her to afford her all white linen wardrobe. Jake is a lawyer, but no one really cares about that in the movie, and all you need to know is that he is basically Alec Baldwin playing a mildly toned down Alec Baldwin (still snarky and well dressed, but not punching anyone in the face).


After all coming together for the son’s college graduation in New York, Jake and Jane have one too many at the bar (set to Tom Petty’s “Dont Do Me Like That”. Swoon.) and end up having an affair. The rest of the movie is resistance between Jake and Jane to get a romance started again, whilst keeping it from his baby obsessed wife. Steve Martin gets tossed in the mix as Adam, a contractor working on the remodel of Jane’s house (Jane is apparently rolling in dough both figuratively and literally), and soon becomes a love interest competing for Jane’s attention. As you can imagine, it gets complicated, y’all. If I’m still not selling you on anything, let me just tell you that there is a scene where Jane, Jake, and Adam, oh and JOHN KRASINSKI (Kept that one from you! He plays a boyfriend to one of the Ann Taylor Loft models) get high in a bathroom, and it is a delight.


Now you might be thinking to yourself, “this movie sounds like it is for a 50 year old bored mom”, and you are exactly right, but I dare you to not fall head over heels in love with a Nancy Meyers production at any age. If you aren’t familiar with the work of Nancy Meyers, then you are probably a heterosexual male that only watches UFC fights and Jason Statham movies, because the rest of the world loves her. She has blessed us with such masterpieces as, Father of The Bride (one AND two), The Parent Trap, and The Holiday. You can always count on Meyers to produce a strong female lead who wears a lot of neutral toned boyfriend cardigans, and shops for coffee and pastries strictly at Dean & Deluca. If you ask me where I hope to see myself in ten years, it is that exact same aesthetic. It is probably not healthy to have these kinds of goals, given that they are less like goals, or more of Look Book I’m trying to achieve. Just let me have this.

I think this is one of those “good for any occasion” kind of movies. I can watch it when I’m feeling down. I can watch it with friends. I can watch it on my Nook when I’m too lazy to look for my DVD copy. I once watched it with a friend in college after two guys stood us up on a double date to a carnival, and Alec Baldwin’s character’s inability to pull it together and decide what he really wants served as a great reminder that men can be dumb and indecisive at any age!

Okay guys, I think I’ve spoken enough on the golden gem that is this film, and I hope I did it justice. I don’t believe it is on Netflix, but it is worth the purchase, or the relentless search to watch it for free on the internet. I hope you all have a good weekend! I’ll be back Monday with a race recap on the Rock & Rock Half Marathon that I am running this Sunday! Wish me (or more like my legs) luck!

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