Stridebox Review!

Hello and happy Thursday to you all! It’s almost Friday! I’m writing this late Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but as of right now I know my agenda for the day is work, and then a “Core” class at my yoga studio, which is more on the Pilates spectrum, but it is super challenging and I hate it and love it at the same time. I’ve been trying to branch out with my yoga classes, and I first tried the Core class a couple of weeks ago, and while I felt that death was imminent for most of the class, the next day I was super sore in the abs and almost the entirety of my legs, so clearly that class is doing something right! stridebox

Wednesday afternoon I received my monthly installment of Stridebox! I’ve spoken about Stridebox on here in the past, but haven’t really taken the time to do a full review, so I thought I’d introduce it to any of you who may not be familiar, or have been on the fence about signing up! Essentially, Stridebox is a monthly subscription box that includes a wide variety of goodies for runners of all skill levels! You can receive almost everything from GU packets (barf) to SPF lip balm (score). Normally a single box will include some sort of running chews or gel, an accessory (I’ve received a light up wristband for night runs and shoelaces), pre and post run drink mixes, and then what I like to refer to as the “wildcard” item. Such wildcard examples I’ve received have been foot salve, bandannas, and even a full size water bottle.

This month’s box seems like a hit so far. Here’s a guide that came with my box informing me of each product and it’s purpose.

guideeditAs you can see (or maybe not given that the text is pretty small, sorry!) this box included: energy chews, maple syrup (???), a chia bar, drink mix, an energy bar, a cooling towel, and (not pictured) a stretch band. As of right now I am on board with all of the products with the exception of the maple syrup.


I want to understand.

Is this a running trend that I missed out on? I can’t really fathom downing this before, during, or after a run, so I may just keep on this item on hold until the next time I have pancakes or waffles.

My wildcard item this month is a band used for stretching, that when I first took out of the box thought was some sort of weird, cheap belt.


This came with a list of stretches and poses you can do with the stretch band that I will definitely be trying out. I’ve always been interested in incorporating something like this with my stretches for running, and yoga as well!

As for the energy chews, drink mix, and chew bars, I have not had a chance to try those out yet (it’s been less than 24 hours, people) but I have tried Honey Stinger products before and have really enjoyed them (especially their waffles!). However, if anything ends being especially amazing (or terrible), I’ll be sure to let you know!

As for this box, while I enjoyed the contents, I would have loved to see a St. Patrick’s theme (other than the green tissue it was wrapped in) or a Spring theme. I always love when Stridebox includes a holiday or monthly theme to the box, and the past few month’s boxes have been lacking in that area. When I had first started receiving my monthly subscriptions in 2013, almost every box had a seasonal or holiday element to it (ex: An October box included Pumpkin Spice flavored chapstick, and a December box had candy cane flavored gel). I like themes, okay?? My ridiculous complaints aside, I really do enjoy and look forward to my Stridebox, and it has introduced me to some really great products over the past couple of years that I now regularly purchase!

I hope you enjoyed the review, and have a great rest of your day! Here’s to hoping I make it out alive of my Core class this evening…

3 thoughts on “Stridebox Review!

  1. megankh0502

    Stop with the boxes! I almost signed up for Stitch Fix the other day and now I want this one too. I’m still recouping after being unemployed for a few weeks so I will probably sign up for at least one of them once I replenish my funds. The maple syrup thing isn’t that weird. Your body actually metabolizes maple syrup and honey differently than it does other types of sugar. It’s really good for you. I’ve never tried it while running, but mostly because I’ve never seen it in a cute pack like that! Give it a shot on your next long run and let me know how it works out 🙂



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