I Need A Haircut

My hair has officially reached it’s breaking point, both literally and figuratively. The ends of my hair are beginning to look like a handful of frayed wires, and the color has now become what I can only describe as “garbage disposal plumbing mishap”, partly due to the fact that I got a light brown to blonde ombré a little over a year ago, and then never really maintained it. Lesson learned. Around the time I got the ombré I also decided that I should grow out my hair. I’ve never really had long hair and I’ve always been a short to medium cut kind of girl, and I am beginning to realize that I should really stick to that. That being said, since growing out my hair I have experienced several things I don’t think I ever encountered when having short hair, such as my hair getting caught in my keys (how I made this happen I am still not entirely sure), closing the door on my hair, and slapping someone else in the face with my ponytail while running. While I have greatly enjoyed those moments (hope the sarcasm was detectable for that) I have a hair appointment scheduled for April 4th, so I have three solid weeks to decide what I want to do with my hair. I realize this is an extremely trivial thing to spend time thinking about, but I like to think of it as the adult version of when a parent told you that you were going to an amusement park as a kid since that too was also once or twice or year and it’s pretty much the same expense wise.

Now that I have a date scheduled, the next three weeks will include these pivotal questions and deep thoughts. How short do I want to cut it? What color? What celeb photo should I take in for inspiration? Maybe I should use old photos of myself with past haircuts I really liked?

  • My sister has been trying to get me to recreate this haircut for the past twenty-two years.


  • Or I could always try bangs again?


Terrible childhood photos aside. I am thinking of maybe getting it cut to shoulder length, and venturing back into blonde highlights. I always seem to come back around to blonde, and I don’t think I’ve done highlights in about two years! For hair inspiration I’ve really been digging Lauren Conrad’s haircut/color lately.

75ba89fde494dd45ce6e5c7100cb3595It appears to have some ombré elements to it (or it might be the filter on this photo), but I’m really liking the lighter ends, and I’m definitely a fan of the length. An ombré at that length I feel would be a lot more manageable than what I’ve destroyed over the past year. Plus maybe an LC inspired haircut will give me LC inspired life choices and I too could become an ultra successful lifestyle guru married to a member of Something Corporate? We’ll see!

Well that’s all for me today. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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